Rumah Sakit Panti Rini

This hospital is part of a roman-catholic organization which owns more hospitals in Indonesia. The hospital used to be a maternity and was initiated in 1967.

Nowadays the hospital is classified as a general hospital of category C (reg.code 3404102) with 52 beds. The hospital staff is formed thus:
40 medical doctors, 55 nurses, 10 midwives, 14 pharmacy assistants, 25 persons housekeeping and technical functions and 77 persons for management and administration. Together: 221 persons.
The hospital is situated on the Jalan Raya Solo-Yogyakarta KM 12,5 at Sleman regency. (Coordinates:Latitude: -7,77 and Longitude: 110,41)
The website of the hospital is: From this website we copied the following short history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

In the beginning, the Panti Rini Hospital was called the Medical Center and Maternity Hospital, which was initiated by Pastor J. Hovens, SJ
and the Kalasan Parish Council.
In 1967 the management of the Medical Center and Maternity Home was handed over to the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity, Carolus Borromeus.
In charge of receiving the mission to manage the Medical Center and Maternity Home, Sr. Alexia, CB and Sr. Julia CB. In 1968 the CB Sisters Congregation handed over the Management of the Medical Center and Maternity Home to the Panti Rapih Foundation with the hope of making it easier to arrange permits and streamline operational management, and this was approved by Pastor Widiyono, SJ as the Kalasan Parish Pastor.
Further development Panti Rini Medical Center and Maternity Home which originally occupied the Marganingsih Kalasan, moved to the east of the church, on a land area of ​​2345 m2 and 1,140m2 purchased by the Congregation together with the Panti Rapih Foundation from three families.
On August 10, 1972, the new Panti Rini Medical Center and Maternity Clinic were blessed by Cardinal Yustinus Darmoyuwono, Pr and officially opened by the Head of Sub-district Kalasan Projosuharto.
With the development of services and the increasing number of patients from year to year, the Panti Rapih Foundation sees the need to develop the services of the Medical Center and Maternity Hospital into Type D Hospital Panti Rini. 

On June 10, 1993 Panti Rini Hospital type D obtained an operational permit from the Ministry of Health, which was then inaugurated
by Drs. Arifin Ilyas, Regent of Sleman Regency and blessed by Pastor Djoyosiswoyo, Pr. Vikep of the Special Region of Yogyakarta.
Panti Rini Hospital has obtained a Hospital Operational Permit from the Sleman Regency Government dated 31 December 2014 with Number: 503/7298/496 / DKS / 2014 which is valid from 22 December 2014 until the issuance of the Disturbance Permit (HO).
Panti Rini Hospital has also met hospital accreditation standards and passed the Intermediate level on December 3, 2015. Until now, Panti Rini Hospital Service Management always strives to meet the standards set, including: human resources, medical equipment, supporting equipment, facilities and buildings, in order to prioritize quality services and oriented to patient safety.