Rumah Sakit Mata Dr Yap



This Eye Hospital was established in 1923 by DR Yap in Yogyakarta.  
Nowadays, the hospital is a category B hospital ( 3471096) and has a bed capacity of 38 beds. The hospital is situated on the Jalan Cik Di Tiro no.5. Coordinates: Latitude: -7,66 and Longitude: 110,44.
The website of the hospital is:

From this website we copied some historic details (Google translated and abbreviated):

Since its establishment in 1923, Dr. Eye Hospital. YAP is a special hospital whose scope of activities includes efforts to improve eye health: Prevention and early detection of eye diseases, diagnosis, and treatment for patients with eye diseases, as well as advancing the science of eye health. Dr. Eye Hospital YAP has the status of a private hospital owned by the people of Yogyakarta. The existence of Dr. Eye Hospital. YAP and other institutions established beside him cannot be separated from the initiatives and efforts of Dr. Yap Hong Tjoen. Dr. Yap Hong Tjoen is a citizen of Chinese descent. Since in Holland, Dr. Yap, to practice his skills and intelligence to the Indonesian people. For this reason, upon arriving in Indonesia after completing his education in the Netherlands, Dr. Yap Hong Tjoen strives to immediately realize his hopes and dreams. The start of the Dr. YAP Eye Hospital was marked by:
• Establishment of the Centrale Vereeninging tot bevordering der Oogheelkunde (CVO)
• Establishment of Principal Juliana Gasthuis voor Ooglijders
• The establishment of Balai Mardi Wuto
• Changes to become Dr. Yap Eye Hospital.

When the Japanese occupation government arrived in Yogyakarta in 1942, Prinses Juliana Gasthuis voor Ooglijders changed its name to Dr. Yap Eye Hospital to eliminate anything to do with the Dutch colonial government.
However, Dr.Yap Eye Hospital was still being harassed by the Japanese occupation army by ransacking the hospital. Even Dr. Yap Hong Tjoen was arrested and detained.
Since then until now the name Dr. Yap Eye Hospital has never been replaced.