Rumah Sakit Bethesda Yogyakarta

This hospital has a well-known history. It used to be called Petronella hospital.

Nowadays, it is called Rumah Sakit Bethesda and is situated on the Jl. Send.Sudirman no.70 at Yogyakarta.
Coordinates: Latitude: -7,78. and Longitude: 110,38.
The hospital is classified as a category B hospital (reg.code: 3471063) and has 351 beds.
The website of the hospital is: www. From this website we copied some historic facts (Google translated and shortened):

Bethesda Hospital was founded by Dr. J.G Scheurer, a doctor sent by Nederlandse Zendingsvereniging based on the Gospel of Luke 10: 9 which reads “and heal the sick who are there and tell them: The kingdom of God is near to you”. Bethesda Hospital was originally named Zendingsziekenhuis “Petronella”. The name Petronella is taken from the wife of a retired pastor named Coeverden Andriani who provided financial assistance to build a hospital. The local community at that time recognized the “Petronella” Hospital with the name “Dokter Pitulungan” or “Dokter Tulung”. In its journey since the establishment of Petronella Hospital, it has experienced ups and downs in accordance with the dynamics occurring in Indonesia and the world. During the Japanese occupation, Petronella Hospital was taken over by the Japanese and changed its name to “Jogjakarta Tjuo Bjoin”. This takeover ended the name and principle of Petronella Hospital as a Christian hospital. After the end of the Japanese occupation, the “Jogjakarta Tjuo Bjoin” Hospital was successfully returned to its original principle as a Christian Hospital but was renamed “Roemah Sakit Poesat”. In order for the general public to know that this Central Hospital is one of the hospitals for the service of love (Christian), on June 28, 1950 the “Central Hospital” was announced as a Christian Hospital and its name was changed to “BETHESDA HOSPITAL”.