Aux. hospital Blora

The indigenous hospital at Blora existed about 1890 and became managed by a Protestant missionary in 1905. As this missionary was esteemed to possess sufficient medical know-how a government subsidy was accorded.From 1909 the hospital was accorded subsidy cf Staatsblad 1906 no. 276. The hospital is mentioned in the report of the Civil Medical Service of 1909. With the Government Deceision of 13 May 1927 no. 32 the hospital which in the meantime had assumed a public status as Gouvernements Burgerlijke Ziekeninrichting (GBZ) was closed in October 1924.

Blora was a Regency with a capital with the same name of the Residency Japara-Rembang of the province of Central Jawa (Gonggryp 1934, 153).