Ziekenverpleging Semampir Kediri

“Ziekenverpleging Semampir” founded a private general hospital at Kediri (East Java) about 1903.  See annual report 1903, published in the Geneeskundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch-Indie 1904 by the medical director H.P. van Buuren (p. 32-84).

The hospital received a subsidy according the subsidy regulations of 1906 (Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie 1906 no. 276).

The picture was published by the KITLV in 1915, number 425.

In 1903 a number of 214 patients was admitted to the hospital, of whom 101 Europeans and 113 indigenous patients. The number of nursing days was in that year 3,555, of which 1,931 for indigenous patients. The Europeans were divided into 40 male and 38 female patients and 20 children. The indigenous patients into 69 male, 24 female patients and 20 children. Internal patients 87, chirurgical 98 and gynaecological 29 (GTNI 1904).

Kediri was in the 1930s a residency, regency and district in the province of East java. Its capital was Kediri. The Regency of Kediri had 350,000 inhabitants of whom 2,800 Europeans and almost 9,100 Chinese. This region was occupied by the Government after the end of the Java war in 1830. The Residency has many rail- and tramways and has many Hindu antiquities (11th and 13th century) from the Hindu realm Daha. Many place names with tjandi and temples. Before the crisis there were many sugar mills (Gonggryp 1934, 642).

See Grote Atlas van NOI (Asia Maior/KNAG) p.311 which indicates the location of this hospital in the townplan of Kediri.