Aux. hospital Parakan

The auxiliary mission hospital Parakan was founded about 1920 by the  Nederlandse Gereformeerde Zendings-vereniging (NGZV). This missionary organization was working in the missionfields of Central Java (Southern part) and established this hospital in the resort of Magelang.

The hospital is first mentioned in Annex R-XI of the Koloniaal Verslag 1922 as a category II (25-75 beds) hospital. Subsidy amounts are mentioned in KV 1924, Annex R-XI : f 550 for personnel; f 625 for care expenditure and f 902,15 for maintenance of buildings.

Parakan was a subdistrict  and district of the Regency of Temanggoeng in the Residency Kedoe in the province of Central Java (Gonggryp 1934, 566). The hospital was situated north-west of Temanggoeng.

The hospital nowadays is called Rumah Sakit Kristen Ngesti Waluyo and is situated on the Jalan Pahlawan no. 1 at Parakan.