My name is Sjoerd Zondervan. I was born in Stiens (1941), Province of Friesland, Netherlands.
A few statements on my educational and professional life:
1959 Dutch High School (HBS) at Leeuwarden
1967 Economics, Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam
2006 Master of Arts (History), Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam
2016 PHD at Maastricht University

1968 District Accountant Methodist Missionary Society for la Cote d’ Ivoire
1970 National Mental Health Organization of the Netherlands
1975 Director Royal Eye Hospital at Utrecht
1982 Director Valeriuskliniek at Amsterdam
1989 Chairman Board of directors Psychiatric Centre Amsterdam

In between I assisted the Netherlands Management Cooperation Programme (PUM), a joint venture of the Dutch Association of Employers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was sent abroad as senior expert on several missions. Three of these missions took place in Indonesia.

On the 29th of September 2016, I defended a thesis on hospital care in colonial times at Maastricht University. Prof.dr.E.S.Houwaart and Prof.dr.P.Boomgaard supervised the project of this Phd research.
The title of the resulting study: Patients of the Colonial State. Subtitle: The rise of a hospital system in the Netherlands Indies, 1890 – 1940. The contents of this  book can be consulted under the heading Book as e-publication.

I invite readers to comment on the subject and if available, to supply additional information that may lead to corrections or additions to the published data.

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