Mission hospital Langgur


The mission hospital of Langgur (Small Kei Islands) was founded in 1929 by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred heart at Tilburg. See: Jan Willemsen, Van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie, 94.

Dutch Missionary Activities, p.108, interview 50, KMM file nr. 306: J.H. Kox, Sister Williana was from 1967 until 1978 working in the Southern Moluccas, in the hospitals of Langgur and Saumlakki, both situated in the diocese Ambon. She was employed as a nurse, later she was appointed director of the hospital.

The Kai Islands formed asubdepartment of the department Ambon, Residency Moluccas with an authority in the main town of Tual. The subdepartment has 51,000 inhabitants, of whom 70 Europeans and 170  Chinese. The group of islands is siruated in the Banda Sea. Most important are Great Kai and Small Kai and the Kai-Tanimbar Islands. They are also called Ewab-Islands. Main cultures: sago and coconut. The Protestant as well as the Roman Catholic Missions are present on these islands. At Tual is the seat of the apostolic vicaris of New Guineaof the Congregation of the Holy Heart of Jesus (Gonggryp 1934, 605).