Mission hospital Sonder

The auxiliary mission hospital at Sonder (Minahassa) was opened in 1907. It was initiated by the Association “Karapatan Sonder”. The Dutch Missionary Organization NZG
financed two deaconesses. (From: ” Tien jaar in de Minahassa, 1909-1919″ ,by Joh. H. Duyverman, edited by Dr. Chr.G.F. de Jong, p.XII). See also : ” Een paar mededelingen van Br. Schoch at Sonder” (A few announcements on the hospital at Sonder) : The supply of medical care was very limited between 1901 and 1919.
In the Minahassa there were only three doctors, among whom a European doctor at the Menado hospital. There was also a hospital at Tondano and the mentioned auxiliary hospital at Sonder with two Dutch nurses. And there was an outpatient clinic at Kawangkoan. The use of these facilities was limited as the population was afraid of being treated by these institutions.

See KITLV report 1924: Over Minahassa en geneeskunst. See also PDF Ziekenhuizen Minahassa  ca. 1940: A governmental Indian doctor was financed by the  Minahassa Protestant Church and was in charge of the Protestant Hospital at Sonder  and of the various outpatient clinics of the Minahassa Protestant Church.

Nowadays (2018) the hospital in the Governmental Data on Rumah Sakit: Rumah Sakit Siloam GMIM Sonder ( Kode Rumah Sakit 7102040). Website: siloam_sonder@yahoo.com.