Mission hospital Stella Maris

The mission hospital Stella Maris was founded in 1930 by the Roman Catholic congregation Sisters of Jesus, Mary, Josepth (JMJ) at ‘s Hertogenbosch. The hospital was called Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) because it was situated on the seaside in the city of Makassar. See Jan Willemsen, Van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie, 94. The medical doctor W. de Jong was a surgeon in this hospital from 1960-1972. He practized too in the Protestant Mission hospital Labuang Baji in the same city.

Makassar was a department and subdepartment of the Government Celebes en Onderhoorigheden (Sulawesi and Dependencies) with a capital with the same name. The department Makassar is ruled by an assistant-Resident and has almost 670,000 inhabitants,ofwhom 3,700 Europeans and 17,000 Chinese. The capital itself has 87,000 inhabitants of whom 3,600 Europeans and 16,000 Chinese. Makassar is the old realm of Goa. The people are called Makassaren, whose language is related to the Buginese language. It is an important commercial centre. It used to be called the Key of the Moluccas (Gonggryp 1934, 793-794).

Nowadays, the hospital is called Rumah Sakit Umum Stella Maris and is registrated by the Ministery of Health (7371063) and is classified in quality category B. Its address is:
Jalan Somba Opu no. 273, Makassar. Kode Postal 90112. Website: info@ rsstellamaris.com. Kabupaten: Kota Makassar.
The hospital has 225 normal beds (53 VIP, 87 1st class, 27 second class and 58 3rd class.
107 doctors are working with the hospital and 47 nurses and 197 other nursing personnel. There are 25 pharmacists and 14 chemical analysts.

Lately the hospital treated 64,318 outpatient clients and admitted 10,923 new inpatients.
The number of nursing days was 21,361 and the average length of stay: 4.77. The brut occupation rate per bed was 72.4 %.