RS Gunung Maria


This general private hospital was initiated before the independence in 1930. The name of this mission hospital was ‘ziekenhuis Marienheuvel’.

Nowadays, the hospital is called Rumah Sakit Gunung Maria and is situated on. at Tomohon in the Minahasa (Sulawesi Utara). Coordinates are: Latitude: 1,32 and Longitude: 124,83.
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital ( 7173051) with 145 beds.
The hospital employs 383 persons. Of whom 39 medical doctors, 134 nurses, 16  midwives, 12 pharmacy assistants, 55 housekeeping and technical service and 127 persons working in the administration and management.
The website of the hospital is:

From this website we copied a text about the history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

“April 30, 1897, Mgr. Walterus Staal, SJ (Vicar Apostolic Batavia) asked the leaders of the JMJ Societas in the Netherlands so that the JMJ Societas work in the land of Minahasa, especially to educate and uplift the lives of young women. The offer to work in this mission land was passed on to the members and most of the Sisters were very enthusiastic about responding. Sr. Seraphine Pullens, JMJ selected 6 Sisters from 215 applicants. The six pioneer Sisters were Sr. Boniface Meyer JMJ, Sr. Basilissa Heister JMJ, Sr. Wenceslas TePoel JMJ, Sr. Dosithea Schambergen JMJ, Sr. Josephine Van Den Berg JMJ and Sr. Laetitia Loonen JMJ. May 5, 1898, sailed to Indonesia, the six Sisters from the Netherlands and arrived at Manado Harbor on July 17, 1898 to be greeted by Pastor Onel SJ (Manado Parish Priest). July 18, 1898, during a 9 hour journey from Manado to Tomohon by using a cow wheel which is a traditional vehicle for the Minahasa people, the six Sisters arrived in Tomohon. Tomohon is the first mission area for JMJ Societas to work outside Europe and schools for girls are the first work of JMJ Societas in Minahasa soil. In October 1901 Societas JMJ bought the yard and mansion of Major Wenas in Kelurahan Kolongan (now) and made it as Walterus Monastery. His early medical work was in the form of a simple and emergency polyclinic in a building behind the North Tomohon Catholic rectory (now Pastor of the Sacred Heart Parish of Jesus). The community named the polyclinic the Round Hospital and in 1913 this polyclinic was expanded. April 12, 1921, Societas JMJ purchased a plot of land behind the Walterus monastery, in a hilly area for the construction of a permanent hospital. Mid-June 1928 construction of the hospital began. The work of leveling the land was entrusted to Mr. Aloysius Kaunang and the superintendent of the construction work was Sr. Laetitia Loonen JMJ. The hospital building plan was drawn by Mr. De Voets. The groundbreaking took place in May 1929 and the building was completed the following year. Installation of electricity on 10 February 1930. The total cost of building the hospital was 250,000 guilders. The dedication of the main part of the hospital building was carried out on the night of February 10, 1930 by Mgr. Panis (Sulawesi Apostolic Prefect) and attended by Manado Resident (Mr. Schmidt), civil service, mayor of Manado, 7 doctors and leaders in the world of commerce. February 11, 1930 another part of the hospital was blessed by Mgr. Panic.

From 1930 to 1954 the hospital was known as Rooms Katholiek Ziekenhuis (R.K.Z) Marienheuvel.
During the Japanese occupation, the hospital was changed to Tomohon Byoing. April 1954 until now known as Gunung Maria Hospital.
Together with Budi Mulia Bitung Hospital, Budi Setia Langowan Hospital, Hermana Lembean Hospital and Cantia Tompaso Baru Hospital are under the auspices
of the Ratna Miriam Foundation and on October 7, 2011 all JMJ Societas health works in North Sulawesi are under the auspices of a legal entity. in the form of a limited liability company, namely PT. Ratna Timur Tumarendem.