General Hospitals

Information from the database on general hospitals is available under the subheadings:

Military hospitals:
a total of 150 large hospitals, garrison hospitals and dispensaries will be found under this heading

Public hospitals:
by the end of the colonial period most of the government hospitals (GBZ:Gouvernements Burgerlijke Ziekenhuizen) were replaced by municipal or regional hospitals Only the Centrale Burgerlijke Ziekenhuizen (CBZ,Central Civil Hospitals) remained under the auspices of the NI government, together with the psychiatric facilities.

Private hospitals:

-Mission hospitals:
besides mission hospitals, such as roman-catholic and protestant hospitals,some other charity hospitals have been assembled under this heading.

-Company hospitals :
a total of some 200 hospitals has been assembled

You are kindly invited to send lacking information on the hospitals mentioned or on hospitals missing in this overview.

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