RS Umum Bayukarta

HISTORY BAYUKARTA HOSPITAL Is the largest private hospital in the City of Karawang, West Java. Founded on July 20, 1940, RS. Bayukarta is managed by
the GKP Hospital Agency Foundation, with an area of ​​28,960 m2 and a total of 661 employees, of whom 62 medical doctors, 231 nurses, 11 midwives,
33 pharmaceutical employees, 82 technical and housekeeping disciplines and 242 management and administration.

The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (reg.code 3215023) and has 151 beds.
The hospital is established on the Jalan Kertabumi no. 44 at Karawang (Jawa Barat) (coordinates: Latitude: -6,29 and Longitude:107,29).
The website of the hospital is: