RS Umum Emmanuel

From the website the following story was copied (Google translated and shortened):

The hospital started as a Maternity Clinic (kraamkliniek) and a medical center that was founded by Zending in 1934 as a complementary facility for a sugar factory in the village of Klampok, Purwareja District, Klampok, Banjarnegara.
Since May 31, 1970 BP Emanuel was led by a general practitioner with the addition of building facilities and other health facilities. This date was later determined to be the birthday of Emanuel Hospital. In the middle of 1972 BP Emanuel moved from his old place (the current GKJ complex) to a new place (present Emanuel Hospital). On October 24, 1981, the Regent of Banjarnegara inaugurated the RUMAH SAKIT EMANUEL.
Emanuel Hospital is one of 11 hospitals owned by the Christian Foundation for Public Health (YAKKUM) based in Surakarta, with 179 beds. Emanuel Hospital has followed the Full Accreditation process (5 areas of service) in April 1998, Full advanced level (12 service areas) in June 2002, Full advanced level (12 service areas) in February 2009, and KARS Accreditation in November 2015.

Nowadays (2018), the hospital is situated on the Jalan Raya Banyumas-Banjarnegara no. 12 at Banjarnegara (Java Tengah). Coordinates are:
Latitude –7,46 and Longitude: 109,43.
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (Reg.code: 3304021) and has 179 beds. 
Its hospital staff is 436 men/women. Of Them 36 are medical doctors, 181 nurses, 16 midwifes, 21 pharmaceutical personnel, 24 housekeeping and kitchen, 158 management and management support.

The hospital used to be a Mother and Child Clinic, initiated by the Dutch Gereformeerde Zending (Protestant Mission) in 1934. See Mission Hospitals : Mission Hospital Poerwokerto.