RS Umum Saint Elisabeth Semarang

This is one of the hospitals, organized by a Roman Catholic organization.
The hospital is classified as a category B hospital (reg.code 3374021) and has 296 beds.
It is situated on the Jalan Kawi no. 1 at Semarang (coordinates: Latitude: -7,01 and Longitude: 110,42.
The website of the hospital is :
From that website we copied some historic facts (Google translated and shortened):

At that time, Semarang City had 2 hospitals, namely Centraal Burgerlijk Ziekenhuis (CBZ) which was a government hospital (now Dr. Kariadi Hospital) and Juliana Ziekenhuis which was a private hospital (now Bhakti Wira Tamtama Hospital). At that time, the two hospitals were no longer able to accommodate the increasing number of sick people. Moreover, with the existence of various types of disease outbreaks that often hit the city of Semarang and claimed many lives, with strong determination and strong conviction, the OSF sisters are trying to realize their goal, namely to establish a Catholic hospital in the city of Semarang.  
This was the way it was on the eve of the half century anniversary of the founding of the congregation of the Sisters of St. In Indonesia, the Franciscan Sisters collect funds from scholars, the municipal government of Semarang as well as from the center of the Sisters of St. Francis. On September 3, 1923, the funds were used to buy a 34,000 m2 plot of former Chinese cemetery in the hilly area of ​​the new temple, with a very beautiful view, a quiet area. The construction of the hospital building was not without difficulties, since the groundbreaking on March 9, 1926 by Mgr. APF Van Velsen SJ, the construction was carried out by 3 contractors, namely Ir. Karsten, Ir. Zoetmulder, Ir. Peter and Ir. Keliverda. The price of building materials experienced a tremendous increase during the construction of Ir. Kersten, so that a substantial additional fund was required.
Thanks to God’s grace the building construction could be completed 
on August 8, 1927. Various preparations for the inauguration were carried out, among others by placing 50 beds and other equipment. Coinciding with the party of St. Lucas as the patron of the medical profession on October 18, 1927, RS St. Elisabeth was officially opened by Mgr. Van Velsen, SJ accompanied by Rm. P. Hoeberechts, SJ and Semarang Resident Van Gulk.

During the Japanese occupation, St. Elisabeth was taken over and made into a military office. The Dutch sisters were taken prisoner and 9 of them died in the camp.  St. Elisabeth was handed back on September 1, 1945, in a state of disarray and lack of manpower. Witnessing this fact, the sisters had to work hard. Officially on September 3, 1945 Sr. Charitas Lammerink together with 2 other sisters started hospital work again