RS Umum Santo Borromeus, Bandung

This hospital belongs to the category ‘Organisasi Catholic’. It is a charity hospital that has been classified as a category B hospital (reg.code 3273074). The hospital has a bed capacity of 366 beds. The hospital is situated on the Jalan Ir.H. Juanda no. 100, Kota Bandung (Coordinates: Latitude: -6,89 and Longitude: 107,61).
The hospital employs 515 persons, of whom 51 medical doctors.
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The Missionary Hospital Saint Borromeus was founded in 1921 by the Roman Catholic congregation Liefdezusters Borromeus (Charity Sisters Borromeus) from Maastricht. The hospital was situated in the northern quarters of the town of Bandung, near the Dagoweg.