RS Umum Santo Vincentius

This hospital belongs to a number of roman-catholic hospitals that were initiated by roman-catholic missionary organizations before the independence. This hospital was established in 1910.

Nowadays, the name of the hospital is Rumah Sakit Santo Vincentius. The hospital is situated on the Jalan Diponegoro no. 5 at Singkawang (Kalimantan Barat).
Coordinates : Latitude: 0,91 and Longitude: 108,99.
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital ( 6172113) with 110 beds.
The hospital employs 356 employees, of whom 33 medical doctors, 144 nurses, 23 midwives, 10 pharmacy assistants, 25 members of housekeeping and technical services and 121 people with functions in administration and management.
The website of the hospital is: www.
From this website we copied some historical notions (Google translated and abbreviated):


The Santo Vincentius Hospital, belonging to the Pontianak Archdiocese, was established on 6 September 1910 blessed under the patronage of Saint Vincentius a Paulo, and is the first hospital to operate 24 hours in Singkawang. Was appointed as Director was P. Beatus, and 3 years later, in 1913, a nurse with the first nursing certificate came, namely Sr. Gayatana.

After the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, in 1954 there was a hospital loan agreement between the Honorable Mgr Hendrikus Josephus Van Valenburg, Vicar Apostolic in Pontianak and Lie Kiat Teng, Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia located in Jakarta.
The agreement was made before the Notary Meester Raden Soedja in Jakarta on 27 October 1954 with number 189.
On March 24, 1990 a draft of agreement (MoU) was made between the local government of TK I West Kalimantan, Bpk. Parjoko Suryo Kusumo and Mgr Hieronymus Bumbun OFM Cap on behalf of Pontianak Archdiocese as owners.
Specifically for the Santo Vincentius Hospital, it was handed over by going through a transition period of 1 year starting April 1, 1992 and on April 1, 1993, it became fully private with the issuance of a Temporary Administration Permit by the West Kalimantan Provincial Health Office.
Furthermore, by considering the interests of public health services, the Pontianak Archdiocese is trying to be able to resume hospital operations and ask for the availability of the Pengabdi Untuk Sesama Manusia Foundation as the manager.
So on February 24, 1993, Archbishop Pontianank handed over the management of the Vincentius Hospital to the SFIC Sisters Congregation (CONGREGATIO SORORUM FRANCISCALIUM AB IMMACULATA CONCEPTIONE A BEATA MATER DEI) which houses the Community Service Foundation (PSM Foundation) with a Letter of Appointment No. 495/93 / Huver, dated 24 February 1993.
Because the PSM Foundation besides managing the Santo Vincentius Hospital also manages the education sector, starting on 15 October 2012,
the Santo Vincentius Hospital has been handed over from the PSM Foundation to the Santo Vincentius Health Work Foundation

De jure, St. Vincentius Hospital became fully private on April 1, 1993, but de facto only became operational on April 5, 1993 with limited conditions, including service facilities, medical equipment and human resources. Temporary operational permit by the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Health TK I West Kalimantan with Number 44 / PK.002 / R.S / IV / 1993 dated April 14, 1993 with Primary Classification

Hospital Basic Data
Hospital Code Number 6172113
Name RS.Santo Vincentius Singkawang Class Type C
Director’s name dr. Nurtanti Indriyani, M.P.H
Ownership status Pontianak Archdiocese Saint Vincentius Health Work Foundation
Status Private Address Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro No.5 Singkawang 19123 Phone / Fax: (0562) 636768/633881 Surface area ……… .. m2
Building area 3,805 m2 Number of Beds 110 TT |
Number of Employees 337 people
Accredited Status MAIN Level 2012
Version Accreditation Date 1 September 2017 s / d 31 August 2020
Operational Permit 441.6 / 184.A / Yankes-A 2016 Operational Date 26 July 2016 to 26 July 2021 –