RS Umum William Booth

This hospital is dating back to 1910, when the Salvation Army founded an Eye Hospital at Semarang. 

From the website of the hospital :, the next history was distilled (Google translated and shortened):

1968: Along with the development of services in the health sector, the Hospital. William Booth strives to continue to improve its services to the community by opening the

Internal Medicine section service pioneered by dr. Theo Soehardjono, Sp PD and subsequently opened
other service units, including: T.H.T division initiated by dr. A. Dullah,
Sp.THT The Children’s Section was initiated by dr. Soeharyono, Sp.A
General Affairs was initiated by dr. Mery Soeparwan.
The Nerve Division was initiated by dr. Rahardjo, Sp.S
The Surgery Section was initiated by dr. Riwanto, Sp.B

1984: To further increase the scope of its services, RS. William Booth obtained a license to run a General Hospital. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. YM., RSU. William Booth is included in the type D Hospital category. Since 1984 Until now: After obtaining permission and the title as a General Hospital, William Booth Hospital Semarang has experienced developments but is still dominated by eye patient visits. This is influenced by the historical background of RSUWB which was once the mainstay eye hospital, both in the city of Semarang, and even throughout Central Java province.

Nowadays (2018) the William Booth General Hospital has obtained the C status (reg.code 3374032) and has 71 beds.
The hospital is situated on the Jalan S. Parman no.5 at Semarang (coordinates: -6,99 and 110,41).