Rumah Sakit Fatima Ketapang


This general hospital used to be a Maternity hospital. It was initiated in 1949 and has now the status of a general hospital.
The hospital is classified category C ( 6106020) with 156 beds.
The hospital has 352 employees, of whom 26 medical doctors, 15 nurses, 44 midwives, 5 assistants pharmacy, 20 members of housekeeping and
technical services and 242 management and supporting services.
The hospital is situated on the Jalan Jend.Sudirman no. 27 at Ketapang (Kalimantan Barat). Coordinates: Latitude: -1,84. and longitude:  109,98.
The website of the hospital is:
From this website we copied some information about the history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

The history of the establishment of Fatima Hospital began with the efforts of 3 nuns from the Order of Saint Augustine
(OSA, missionaries from the Netherlands to open a health service work in 1949.
They started the work with the motto “Servire Invincem In Caritte” which means serving one another in love. Health work is prioritized for the poor.
In 1962, based on the Permit from the Director General of Medical Services No.59.E-8/1962 officially operated the Fatima Maternity Clinic with
Sr. in charge. Norbertha Van De Meer, OSA.
Subsequently in 1966 the Maternity Clinic license was upgraded to a Maternity Hospital with the Director General Medical Services License No. 24305 / RS / 1966. Further developments In line with the increasing need for health services in Ketapang Regency, in 1998 the Director General of Yanmed through Permit No.YM upgraded the status of Fatima Hospital to Fatima Hospital
RS. Fatima is a General Hospital which is one of the units of the Agustinian Love Services Foundation, located at Jalan Sudirman no. 27 Ketapang, West Kalimantan. At the beginning of its establishment, the status was as “Fatima” Maternity Clinic. Four years later, its status was upgraded to RB / BKIA Fatima and starting in 2006 the unit officially became a General Hospital, with the name Fatima Hospital.