Rumah Sakit Dr Reksodiwiryo Padang

This military hospital is established on Jalan Dr. Wahidin no. 1, Ganting Parak Gadag at Kota Padang (Sumatera Barat).
The hospital is classified as category C hospital (registration code: 1371021) wit 172 beds.
Its website is:
From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):

Dr. Hospital Reksodiwiryo Padang was founded in 1878 by the Dutch Government which was used for the interests of the Dutch East Indies colonialism. The main activity of the hospital was to treat soldiers who were injured and injured in battle, as well as to provide health services to Dutch citizens.

In 1942 it was occupied by the Japanese, then in 1945 it was taken over by the allies, but in practice until 1948 the hospital was still controlled by the Dutch. Then in 1949 the handover of power by the Netherlands to Indonesia, Major dr. Reksodiwiryo took over the hospital, but only one ward was handed over, then in 1950 it was completely controlled by the Indonesian National Armed Forces, and so on.

Since the proclamation of 1945, armed youth lines have been formed in several areas, including in the area of ​​Central Sumatra, as well as health elements from the armed forces, but they have not yet formed a perfect organization. The development of the armed ranks was increasingly perfect, showing a spirit of unity and unity, which began to appear with the joining of several youth organizations, namely the Indonesian Youth Information Center (BPPI) and the Youth of the Republic of Indonesia (PRI) which transformed into the BKR (People's Security Agency) and formed the People's Health Agency (BKR) whose members taken from the Dutch Military Health and the ranks of the Indonesian Red Cross and Indonesian Volunteers.

Along with the development of the armed forces, there were also emergency hospitals whose locations moved around following the armed ranks or according to the security situation at that time.


Hospital Name : Hospital Tk.III dr. Reksodiwiryo Padang
Hospital Class : Type C
Ownership Status : TNI AD DoD
Address : Jl. Dr. Wahidin No. 1 Padang
District : East Padang
Kab/Kodya : Padang
Province : West Sumatra
Number of beds: 214 TT: ( VIP: 25 TT, Class I: 37 TT, Class II: 36 TT, Class III/Zaal: 103 TT, Pavilion: 8 TT and ICCU: 6 TT)
No. tel. : 0751 – 31003 Fax. 0751 – 31003
Area of ​​Tk III Hospital: 4 Ha