Rumah Sakit TK II Iskandar Muda

This military hospital of the TNI AD (Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Darat) is established in Banda Aceh. It is classified as a category B hospital (reg.code 1171026) with115 beds. Its location is: Jalan T. Hamzah Bandahara no. 1 at Banda Aceh (province Aceh).

From its website ( we copied the following statement:

Head of Tk. II Iskandar Muda Hospital

Tk II Iskandar Muda Hospital (RSIM) is a hospital that serves TNI-AD Soldiers, TNI PNS and their families as well as the general public who need them. All levels of RSIM personnel are committed to providing quality health services and are oriented to patient satisfaction and safety (patient safety) in accordance with current hospital accreditation demands. Therefore, to realize this commitment, we continue to try to provide information to all users of health services at RSIM through various available information media. One of the efforts that have been taken is the existence of information media on the Iskandar Muda Hospital website.

1.1. Background
In 1903 the Dutch East Indies colonial government succeeded in occupying and building several infrastructures in the Aceh area. One of the infrastructures built is a hospital. The hospital that was built was originally intended to support military interests, but in the end the hospital also provided health care facilities to indigenous people who live around the hospital environment. The Dutch East Indies colonial government appointed the first Head of Military Health, Overste dr. Gerald who also serves as Head of the Public Health Service.

In 1934 dr. Mohd Mahyuddin was appointed a resident doctor. He works under the supervision of Overste dr. Gerald. In 1945 the transfer of sovereignty to the Indonesian government. This hospital is still used to serve civilians and the military. In 1950, doctor I Made Bagistar as a resident doctor and also a Brigade/Regiment doctor divided the hospital into 3 parts. The front building of the hospital is used as a General Hospital (RSU) as well as the Aceh Health Service Office. The rear of the building is used as a Military Hospital and the right side of the building is used for inpatient rooms for people with mental illness. In 1977 the General Hospital (RSU) occupied a new building in the Lamprit area and all the buildings that were on loan were returned to the military.