Rumah Sakit TK II Prof.Dr.J.A. Latumeten

This military hospital is established at Kota Ambon (Maluku). It is classified as a category B hospital (reg.code 8171026).
The hospital has a bed capacity of 119 beds. In its employment are some 320 persons, of whom 49 medical doctors, 192 nurses and 30 midwives.
The address is: Jalan Dr. Tamaela no. 2, Kota Ambon.

From its website we copied a few statements about its recent history:

The Ambon Army Hospital was established along with the formation of Kodam XV/Pattimura in 1960, which includes the Health Implementing Body (Rumkit Dam XV/Ptm). Before Rumkit Dam XV/Pattimura was formed, in 1950 the Army Health Detachment Command Troop "D" (DKT KOMPAS D) was established, which was the forerunner to the formation of Rumkit Tk II Prof. dr. J.A. Latumeten Ambon, with its first Commander, Dr. Major Engelen. In 1955, DKT Kompas "D" was changed to DKT Health Infantry 25 with its first Commander being dr.Mayor Sregeng. In 1957 the Maluku West Irian Military Regional Command (KDMMIB) was formed so that DKT Kompas D changed to DKT MIB. In 1960 Kodam XV/Pattimura was formed, so health facilities were needed to carry out the main tasks of health services so that DKT MIB was changed to Rumkit Kodam XV/Ptm (Utilizing the Dutch heritage hospital) with the first Head of the Hospital, Lieutenant Colonel CDM dr. Soejoto. At the suggestion of the first Pangdam XV/Pattimura (Col. Inf. Herman Pieters), in 1974 Rumkit Dam XV/Ptm was awarded the name Rumkit dr. JA. Latemeten (taking the name of a freedom fighter, Prof. dr. JA. Latumeten).

In 1986 Kodam XV/Pattimura was liquidated to become Kodam VIII/Trikora, Maluku Region was formed Korem and as an element of health implementation were Denkesyah (Denkesyah Ambon) and the name Rumkit dr. JA. Latumeten later became Rumkit Tk III Ambon which was under Denkesyah Ambon. Along with the horizontal conflict in Maluku, in 1999 Kodam XVI/Pattimura was formed, in which there is a health implementing agency, namely Kesdam XVI/Pattimura. At this time also Rumkit Tk III 16.06.01 Ambon is under Kesdam XVI/Pattimura. In accordance with the Regulation of the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Number 8 of 2012 concerning Increasing the Status of Level III Hospitals to Level II Hospitals within the TNI and the Regulation of the Chief of Army Staff Number: Perkasad/8/VI/2012 concerning the Upgrade of the Status of 6 Hospitals from Level III became Level II in the ranks of Kodam VI/MLW, IX/UDY, XII/TPR, XVI/PTM, XVII/CEN AND IM. Thus, Rumkit Tk III 16.06.01 Ambon increased its status and changed its name to RUMKIT TK II Prof. dr. J.A. LATUMETEN AMBON and inaugurated its use on April 17, 2013 by Pangdam XVI/Pattimura Maj. Gen. Eko Wiratmoko.