In 1925, Bhakti Wira Tamtama Level 3 Hospital was named militair hospitaal Yuliana, as part of the gezondheid Dienst military territory with an area of ​​about 2.4 hectares. Based on the Decree of the Regional Military Commander 4 Diponegoro No. Skep / 283-04 / X / 1993 In 1993 it changed its name to Level 3 Hospital Bhakti Wira Tamtama. As the name changed, this hospital continued to grow and improve in improving health services for members of the Indonesian Army, Civil Servants of the Indonesian Army and their families as well as the general public.

The land area of ​​Bhakti Wira Tamtama Hospital is 23,982 m² and the building area is 14,964 m² with ownership status belonging to the Indonesian Army. Bhakti Wira Tamtama Hospital which is located at Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 17 Semarang City is a type C military hospital with a capacity of 144 beds. Health services ranging from general to specialist, equipped with medical support services.

The history of changing the name and status of the hospital is as follows:
December 1949: Militair Hospital Yuliana was established under the Territorial Miltair Gezondheid Dienst
January 1950: Army and Territory Division III Hospital (T&T) Central Java
September 1951: Territory IV Hospital Semarang Branch
1959 : Kodam IV / Diponegoro Hospital
1963: Tk Hospital. II/702 (Specification of Military Commander No: KPTS/377/1963 dated June 1963)
1968 : Hospital I/702 (Specification of the Military Commander Number 226/110/VIII/1968 dated August 3, 1968)
1977 : Hospital II/702 (Specification of the Minister of Defense Number 226/II/1977 dated February 25, 1977)
1985 : Kindergarten III Hospital Semarang (Skep of Kasad Number Skep/76/X/1985 dated October 28, 1985)
1993 until now: Tk. III 04.06.02 Bhakti Wira Tamtama (Decree of Regional Military Commander IV/Diponegoro Number Skep/283-04/X/1993 dated October 30, 1993)
Tk Hospital. III Bhakti Wira Tamtama or commonly called RST BWT is a hospital under the auspices of the TNI-AD, especially under the control of the Regional Military Command IV/Diponegoro Health which is tasked with providing health and medical services for Soldiers and PNS of Kodam IV/Diponegoro and their families in particular. for the city of Semarang and its surroundings. This hospital is the main reference/PPK I for BPJS user facilities in the city of Semarang.

Facilities & Services
Currently Bhakti Wira Tamtama Hospital has more than 50 general practitioners and specialists as well as more than 120 health workers and more than 40 members of the TNI and civil servants. BWT Hospital also has more than 160 inpatient beds and 40 of them are VIP class and 10 of them are VIP class. To support patient comfort, currently the facilities owned by BWT Hospital are sufficient as a fully accredited state hospital. The facilities owned by BWT Hospital include: