Rumah Sakit Umum Tk III Brawjaya

This army hospital is established at Surabaya. It is classified as a categeory C hospital (reg.code 3578122).
Its address is Jalan Kesatrian no. 17, kota Surabaya. Its bedcapacity is 88 beds.

History of the Establishment of Level III Hospital Brawijaya
Since its establishment in 1951, it has been known as TPT (Army Care Place). From 1974 to 1977 the name became a Family Care Center. In 1980 it became Rumkit Tk.III 05.06. Surabaya. In 2002 according to the Decree of the Military Commander V/Brawijaya Number Skep/67/V/2002 dated 10 May 2002 Rumkit Level III 05.06.01 Surabaya was given the name RUMAH LEVEL III BRAWIJAYA