Rumah Sakit HVA Toeloengredjo

This hospital used to be a company hospital of the Handels Vereenigin Amsterdam.
Nowadays it is a category C hospital (registration code: 3506025) with 170 beds.

Its address is Jalan Ahmad Yani 25, Pare, Kabupaten Kediri (Jawa Timur).
The website is
From this website we copied some statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):

Toeloengredjo Hospital is a type C general hospital located at Jalan Ahmad Yani 25 Pare, Kediri Regency, East Java, Indonesia. Tel 0354 391145 - 391047 - 394970, Fax: 0354 - 392883 with e-mail address / rshva@nmu.coid and has a Hot Line Service Hallo HVA with tel no 082230309494.

Toeloengredjo Hospital has been accredited by the PARIPURNA version of STARKES 2022 on September 23, 2022 with a patient bed capacity of 170 TT. This hospital provides various types of medical services, including general polyclinic, dental and oral polyclinic, specialist polyclinic, emergency room, operating room, obstetrics and inpatient care consisting of classes I, II, III, VIP and VVIP equipped with laboratory services. , radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nutrition and laundry.

Toeloengredjo Hospital was founded in 1908 by a trade association in the Netherlands, namely HVA, which stands for HANDLESS VARENEGING AMSTERDAM (HVA). Toeloengredjo Hospital at that time was known as the HVA Hospital. Toeloengredjo Hospital stands in the middle of HVA's sugar factories which are spread across the Kediri, Nganjuk, Jombang and Tulungagung areas.

Initially, the function of the Toeloengredjo Hospital was as a place of treatment for the Dutch and natives who worked in factories owned by HVA which later developed to serve the treatment of sick people around it.

On August 17, 1945 the Indonesian people proclaimed Indonesia's independence. Then the Toeloengredjo Hospital was controlled by the Indonesian people and then under the auspices of the governing body for a sugar company based in Solo and having an office in Kediri. In 1957, within the framework of TRIKORA, all Dutch-owned plantations and companies were taken over by the government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Toeloengredjo Hospital was managed by PTP XXI-XXII with offices in Surabaya. PTP XXI-XXII oversees two hospitals, namely, Gatoel Hospital in Mojokerto and Toeloengredjo Hospital.

On 14 February 1996 the government merged PTP XXI-XXII, PTP IX, PTP XXVII and changed the name PTP Nusantara X, and had one more hospital, namely Jember Klinik Hospital in Jember. In 1998, the leadership of the Toeloengredjo Hospital was handed over to Dr. Bambang Samodra SW, Mkes. On October 16, 2002, the leadership of Toeloengredjo Hospital was replaced by dr. IBNU GUNAWAN. In 2013, PTP Nusantara X formed a subsidiary under the name PT Nusantara Medika Utama which oversees 3 hospitals, namely: Toeloengredjo Hospital in Pare, Gatoel Hospital in Mojokerto, Jember Clinic Hospital in Jember. At the beginning of the establishment of PT Nusantara Medika Utama, Dr. Dr. Ibnu Gunawan, MM was appointed as the Main Director. Dr. dr. Noer Evaliana, after which he was replaced by dr. Anna Rahmawati, MMRS from February 2016 to April 2022. Then replaced by dr. Yetty Nusaria NI, MMRS in April 2022 to date.