Rumah Sakit Umum Bukit Asam Medika

This hospital used to belong to a coal mining company in former times.
Nowadays it is a category C hospital (registration code: 1603030) with 82 beds.
It is situated on Jalan Raya Buki Asam no. 118 at Tanjung Enim, Kec. Lawang Hidul, Kabupaten Muara Enim, Sumatera Selatan.

Its website is:

From this website we copied a number of statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):

Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (RSBAM) is part of the long history of hospitals in Tanjung Enim. The forerunner of this hospital started from the Dutch colonial era when a hospital was built on the outskirts of the coal mining area and was named Bukit Asam Maynen Hospital, when it passed into the hands of the Japanese colonialists it was named the Bukit Asam Arang PN Hospital (RS-PN TABA). in 1926 .
This hospital has changed its name several times according to the name change and the legal entity that oversees it. In 1989 the operation of the hospital was moved from the area on the outskirts of the mine to a new building in the PTBA residential area and its use was inaugurated by the 2nd President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. PT. Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk or PTBA.

On April 9 2015 RSBA separated from PTBA and changed its name to Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (RSBAM). RSBAM is managed by PT. MEDICAL ACID HILL. RSBAM is a type of general hospital and includes a Type C Hospital. RSBAM serves all levels of society, both employees and families of PTBA employees, subsidiaries, partners and the surrounding community. RSBAM which is located on Jalan Raya Bukit Asam No. 118 Tanjung Enim acts as a health service provider.