Rumah Sakit Umum Pertamina Pangkalan Brandan

This hospital is classified as a category C Hospital (Registration code: 1213035) with 115 beds. It is a state owned company and its location is on Jalan Wahidin no. 1 at Pangkalan Brandan, Kabupaten Langkat (Sumatera Utara).

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The hospital used to be one of 3 central hospitals, belonging to the oil company BPM.

The Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij (BPM) had its own central hospital at Rantau Pandjang on the Eastcoast of Sumatra (J. Kreemer, Atjeh I). It was a general hospital, established in 1918 in the hospital ressort Tandjong Poera.  In this same hospital ressort  two other BPM hospitals are found, one at Pangkalan Brandan and one at Perlak. The hospital at Pangkalan Brandan, a residency 70 km NW of Medan was mentioned by E. van de Velde in his article in the review Het Ziekenhuis (1918) as number 2 of the legend, accompanying his article. B.M. van Driel mentions the hospital in his publication on the mortality of indentured labourers on the Eastcoast of Sumatra (Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch Laboratorium te Medan nr. 9, 1930). In this publication the hospital is situated in the medical resort Tandjoeng Poera. Of 3,856 indentured labourers 38 died in 1929 (9.85 ‰). In 2005 this hospital still existed with a capacity of 38 beds.