Rumah Sakit Umum Tanjung Selamat

From Medan Pos date 16 Februari 2023 (Google translated):

Under the leadership of Dr H Fajarudin Ramdani Siregar, lately the Tanjung Selamat General Hospital has increasingly attracted people in three sub-districts, namely Batang Serangag, Sawit Seberang and Padang Tualang, many have started to come to seek treatment at this hospital.

Apart from receiving referrals from the three sub-district health centers, this hospital is also a PTPN II employee hospital. Even referrals from the PTPN IV Puskesbun also seek treatment at this hospital, in addition to excellent 24-hour service this hospital also accepts BPJS, KIS and general patients even in this hospital an ambulance is always ready to pick up and pick up patients who need it without being charged payment with contact person H Supriadi S.Kep,Ns at number 0852 6167 9869 or Ediyanto 0821 6865 7794.

Dr. Fajarudin Ramdani Siregar as the head of the hospital who was met in his room said that his party and all the doctors and nurses on duty at this time wanted to improve excellent service to all patients.

Our motto is that people must be healthy and if people experience a serious illness and require hospitalization, no referral letter from the health center or related parties is needed and we must hospitalize the patient until he recovers.

"Thank God that this hospital now has several doctors including internal medicine doctors, surgeons, pediatricians and obstetricians. Even in the near future, we will seek ophthalmologists, ENT and neurologists, but all of them certainly require a process," said Fajarudin .

As the lead doctor at this hospital, he always gives directions to the doctors on duty and nurses to prioritize patient recovery by serving patients with hospitality and a smile. Because this is one of the patient's happiness that can reduce the disease. "And I personally do not hesitate to rebuke employees and hospital employees who neglect their duties," said Fajarudin.

A number of patients who were contacted when they had just finished hospitalization said they felt satisfied during the doctor's visits and always paid attention to the patient's condition every day. Besides that, the nurse is quite good at carrying out her duties and full of responsibility. "I am quite satisfied," said one patient who had just been operated on due to a descending intestine.

He said, within two days he felt well again and the hospital even allowed me to leave the hospital. Another statement from several internal medicine patients who feel satisfied after being hospitalized for several days and we personally are very grateful to doctor Juli and doctor Heri who have provided excellent and responsible service. (lb 10)