Rumah Sakit Bethesda GMIM Tomohon

This hospital was established by a Protestant organization at Tomohon (Northern Sulawesi).
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (reg.code: 2173036) with 207 beds.
Its address is jalan Raya Tomohon, kota Tomohon.

Since 1950
At the end of the 19th century health services were carried out through polyclinics in the priests' houses. In 1940 a Maternity Hospital was established, then on August 5, 1950 a hospital was inaugurated with the name "Tomohon Protestant Christian Hospital" hereinafter referred to as Bethesda Tomohon Hospital. The establishment of Bethesda Hospital was pioneered by Ds. AZR Wenas, as Chair of the GMIM Synod at the time. GMIM Bethesda General Hospital is located in three sub-districts, namely Kamasi, Talete I and Paslaten, Tomohon District, Tomohon City with an altitude of 700 m above sea level. Initially, Bethesda GMIM Hospital was located in the former Synod Office and Women's School Building, which is located in the west (west side of the highway) of the current Bethesda GMIM Hospital complex. Since 1982 RSU GMIM Bethesda has been moved to the east. Since then RSU GMIM Bethesda has experienced expansion and improvement so that the current land area is 11,930 M2 and the building area is 9,418 M2. The current director is Dr. Ramon Amiman