Rumah Sakit Katolik Budi Rahayu

This hospital was established by a catholic organization at Pekalongan in 1931.
It is classified as a category C hospital (reg.code: 3375022) with 135 beds.
Its address is Jalan Jendal Ahmad Yani no. 18, Kota Blitar (Jawa Timur). Coordinates: 8.09 and 112.17.

From its website we copied the following statements on its history:


To provide health services in Blitar city and surrounding, Yoseph foundation set up and manage a Catholic General Hospital. Before becoming a hospital, establishment the Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital begins with the built of a polyclinic outpatient and Institute of Maternal and Child Health (BKIA).

-Year 1936, has a 20 (twenty) bed, as the development of living standards and the needs of the town of Blitar for medical care

-In 1965, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital increase the number of beds to 50 (fifty) bed.

-In 1967, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital improve services by opening a service facility in the form of laboratory diagnostic support.

-In 1974, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital build and renovate one Nurses Dormitory rooms for the sick.

-In 1978, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital gets one ambulance of the first vehicle of the Government.

-In 1983, Build some room for the sick, so the capacity to be 65 (sixty five) beds.

-In 1984, Build some supporting facilities in the form of medical equipment Operating Room that has received assistance from the Government of the operating table and lamp.

-In 1986 Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital growing so bed capacity to 80 (eighty) bed. With this development, has also constructed diagnostic X-ray facilities (photo) and ECG services. For equipment already purchased a plane X-Ray in the interests of patient care.

-In 1991/1992, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital implement the expansion by building some additional room for patient hospitalization, clinic, and emergency room (ER), and X-ray Medical Rehabilitation Building, Laboratory Building. Operating rooms are built of two pieces for Sepsis and asepsis. Besides, it also built two-story dormitory nurse as a means to accommodate a paramedic so that communication becomes easier.
– In 1994, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital add some equipment for Medical Rehabilitation, ultrasound, Kitchen and Wash Room. Besides, it also means Poly Dental built.

-Year 1995/1996, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital growing in providing patients with inpatient services, making available a total of 120 beds (one hundred and twenty) and a capacity of 125 (one hundred twenty five) beds. To improve service quality and efficiency of time and labor, Hospitals add equipment and computerized systems in various units.

– In 1997, Budi Rahayu Catholic hospitals perform expansion by building two additional rooms for Inpatient Isolation Room and Family Room Patients Wait.

-In 1998, Budi Rahayu Catholic hospitals perform expansion by building:
– 1 (one) Additional Space for the Assembly Hall.
– 1 (one) Additional Space for Installation Repair Facility.
– 1 (one) Additional Space for Garage.
– 1 (one) Additional Space for Warehouse.

Budi rahayu Catholic hospitals in 1998-2001 Full accreditation status granted by the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia who have met the Standard Hospital Services include:
– Administration and Management
– Medical Services
– Emergency Services
– Nursing Services
– Medical Record

– In 1999, Budi Rahayu Catholic hospital expansion implement medical record room by renovating existing space without building new ones.
– Built also a checkpoint for security officer / security guard.
– In 2000, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital growing in providing patients with inpatient services, so the beds available to 122 and a capacity of 136 beds. Also carry out the expansion:

– The dining room employees by renovating existing space without building new ones.
– One room three doors to the garage.
– One space for Poly Nutrition
– Dental Unit and Dental X-rays
– Expanding Kitchen and Wash Room
– Installing ceramic ER, Polyclinic, Rontgen

– In 2001, Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital increased in providing patients with inpatient services, so the beds available to 127 and a capacity of 135 beds. Also carry out the expansion:
– Renovation HALL, garage and office building Installation Repair tool (IPS)
– Adding space to warehouse tools and libraries RS
– Replacing wood decayed buildings.
– Installing ceramic Hospital

– In 2002, Budi Rahayu Catholic hospital, preparing to follow the re-accreditation to two of 12 basic services. All the facilities, infrastructure and procedures prepared in accordance with the applicable standards. Similarly, training is followed to achieve the desired standardization according to Accreditation.
Accreditation implemented 20, 21, 22 November 2002: Budi Rahayu Catholic hospital visited Surveyor of the Central Level, Assessment and Accreditation implemented.

– In 2003 Budi Rahayu Catholic Hospital expand services to renovate the existing treatment rooms for services ICU (Intensive Care Unit).
– Expanding the work space by renovating the office care Pavilion I, Pavilion II, Pavilion III and Pavilion IV.

– Build room that is used for the Head of Nursing, Medical Committee and Medical Staff, warehouse soap, cooperative office, and kitchen pavilion II
– Building a warehouse tools Hospital.
– Improved Radiology service in March 2003 has been installed 1 (one) unit of the CT Scan which housed the room radiology.
– Building insulation space in the Pavilion III and Pavilion IV
– In 2004 Budi Rahayu catholic hospital implement what has been built, providing a more improved service to all patients with all the completeness that we already have, in addition to specialist doctors are growing. In the meeting also planned to increase the construction / renovation, especially for administration, IGD, and Pharmacy because until now almost the entire room filled with other than employees also documents that need to be retained before being destroyed after being stored for 7 (seven) years, to the pharmacy 3 (three) years from the date of receipt of a prescription.
– In 2005 Budi Rahayu catholic hospital renovation of the administration building into 3 (three) floors are for administration, clinic, pharmacy and build parking facilities for visitors. In addition to physically, SSR Budi Rahayu also improve service by adding treatment rooms and renovating services ICU (Intensive Care Unit) following the waiting room, and also expand the space for care patient maternity.

The efforts of health services provided to the medical community refers to the technical support from the Ministry of Health through the Directorate of Private Hospital. Likewise, guidance provided by the health office of the Level I and Level II health office of Blitar. As a hospital with inpatient services will also give a good referral to the top of the Hospital in Malang or Surabaya or receive a referral from the bottom of the health centers and clinics in Blitar and the surrounding area.

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