Rumah Sakit Umum HKBP Doloksanggul

This hospital had been a mission hospital before WWII. The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration code 1205035) with 112 beds. It is located Jalan Rumah Sakit no. 1 at Doloksanggul (North Sumatera). Coordinates 2.15 and 98.45.
The website of the hospital is: From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated):

In 1940, when Indonesia was colonized by the Japanese, the Zending Hospital's activities stopped, the hospital building was used for the needs of the Japanese army, such as ammunition storage and food storage by the Japanese occupiers. All health workers leave the hospital and return to their respective countries, the native health workers go to the forest. In 1940 – 1942 the Missionary Pastors were forced to leave Tapanuli, all Zending activities (Church, Education and Health) had to stop and the leadership of the Church shifted to the Indonesian Batak people, namely Ompui Pastor J. Sihombing.

In 1945, after Indonesia's independence, this hospital was reactivated by HKBP church pastors who were assisted by German missionaries, and Zending activities had begun to function and the hospital was called Doloksanggul HKBP Hospital where the head of this hospital was a nurse, Mr. Paian Samosir.

In 1960 the church handed over its management to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia c/q. Regent of North Tapanuli Regency. The government and the people of Doloksanggul jointly built and moved the location of the Hospital to its current location in Bonanionan Village to the north of the Doloksanggul HKBP church complex with the Hospital classification being Class D with a capacity of 30 beds, with the name Doloksanggul Help Hospital. In 1999 the Doloksanggul Regional General Hospital was officially upgraded to Class C, according to:

Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 966/Menkes/SK/VIII/1999, dated August 3, 1999 concerning Class Upgrade of the Doloksanggul Regional General Hospital Owned by the Regional Government of North Tapanuli Dati II Regency from Class D to Class C Hospital;
Regional Regulation of North Tapanuli Regency Number 32 of 2001 dated October 16, 2001 concerning the Organizational Structure and Work Procedure of the Doloksanggul Regional General Hospital;
Decree of North Tapanuli Regent Number 72 of 2001 dated December 18, 2001 concerning job descriptions of Heads, Subdivisions, Sections at the Doloksanggul Regional General Hospital;
Humbang Hasundutan Regent Regulation Number 13 of 2008 concerning Job Descriptions of Positions in the Humbang Hasundutan Regency Regional Technical Institution Organization November 3, 2008 (Minutes of Humbang Hasundutan Regency of 2008 Number 240).
Decision of the Humbang Hasundutan Regent Number 334 of 2017 concerning Stipulation of the Implementation of the Financial Management Pattern for the Regional Public Service Agency Doloksanggul Hospital on December 4 2017