Rumah Sakit Stella Maris Makassar

This hospital was established in 1938 and is now called Rumah Sakit Stella Maris. Its is classified as a category B hospital (registration code: 73710630 with 220 beds. It is situated on Jalan Somba Opu no. 273 at Makassar ((Sulawesi Selatan).
It is a charity hospital , established by the roman catholic congregation JMJ.
Its website is: From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):

The JMJ Congregation started from South Sulawesi since 1927 by opening educational works. In the course of time, implementation of the need for proximity to health services for the poor, small and weak; then the time was MGR. Martens, the apostolic prefect of Makassar, spoke with several Makassar officials about the need to build a hospital.

This encouraging news was welcomed by the JMJ sisters, so after receiving approval from the leadership the hospital began to be built, even though it was simple, but quite complete and the requirements for an inpatient room were to fulfill 40 beds. On August 2, 1938, the JMJ Rajawali Community sisters searched for land between the Strandsweg (Jl. Entertainer), Jl. Datumuseng and Arendsweg (Jl. Lamadukelleng). the land originally belonged to De Heer de Munnik. On August 6, 1938, construction of the hospital began to be prepared by the architect Fermont Cuypers. On December 8, 1938, the laying of the first stone started the construction of "Kamar Katoliek Ziekenhuis Stella Maris". On May 15 and June 3, 1939, Fancy Fair activities were held in the Rajawali School field, as part of an effort to raise funds to build a hospital. Stella Maris. On September 22, 1939.