Rumah Sakit Darmo Surabaya

This hospital was founded in 1897 as one of the hospitals that aimed at helping the Jawa population. It was a so-called DiaconessenHuis.
Nowadays the hospital exists under the name Rumah Sakit Darmo and is sitiated on Jalan Raya Darmo no. 90 at Surabaya (Jawa Timur).
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration code: 3578053) with 138 beds.

The website of the hospital is:
From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):


In the era of the Dutch East Indies government, in Surabaya a group of Dutch people who had a social spirit wanted to help improve health services for the people of East Java, especially Surabaya.
This assistance is manifested in the following activities:
Establish a place of health services managed by doctors, nurses and other personnel needed
Provide necessary facilities and infrastructure
Providing services to sick people, regardless of social level, religion, race and ethnicity
To realize this, they founded an association called "Soerabajasche Zieken Verpleging" (SZV) on June 9, 1897 led by a Dutch doctor, namely HJ OFFERHAUS.

As a form of dedication to the advancement of the medical world, the Darmo Hospital Foundation always strives to improve the quality of human resources, provide the necessary facilities and equipment with technology that is in line with the times, and provide the best service to everyone regardless of social, religious, race, and nationality.