Rumah Sakit RK. Charitas

This network of hospitals is established at Palembang city and its neighbourhood. The organization is classified as a category B system of hospitals (registration code 1671050) with 313 beds. The Palembang branch is situated on Jalan Jend. Sudirman no. 1054, Sungai Pangeran, Kec. Ilir Tim. I, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan. Coordinates: 2.97 southern latitude and 104.71 eastern longitude.

The website ofthe organization is: From this website we copied some statements on the organization (Google translated and abbreviated):

Charitas Hospitals carries out a humanitarian mission for sick people. Our services aim to reach as many people in Indonesia as possible. Therefore we created a centralized health service system with a network under Charitas Hospitals, namely:

Charitas Hospital Palembang
Charitas Hospital Km 7
Charitas Hospital Kenten
Charitas Hospital Arga Makmur
Charitas Hospital Belitang
Charitas Hospital Klepu
Charitas Lidwina Clinic
Tidal Charitas Clinic
Prima Medika Clinic

Charitas Hospital Palembang has always been committed to implementing love in everything as the motto "In Omnibus Caritate" is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of love and healing by providing comprehensive, competent, professional, ethical and safe service. Practicing the values ​​of Charitas Hospital Palembang "SISTERES" in the form of Spirituality, Integrity, Stewardship, Trust, Excellence, Respect, Empathy, Systematic Thinking.

Charitas Hospital Palembang is ready to serve 24 hours starting from the emergency room and ambulance, inpatient care, ICU-ICCU-PICU-NICU, with a capacity of 333 beds and a total of 186 rooms, as well as an acute tertiary referral private hospital (acute tertiary care hospital). . Charitas Hospital Palembang is always committed to continuously improving the quality of service in a sustainable and safe manner for patients, paying attention to their families and their environment, as well as improving the quality of human resources - medical, paramedical, allied health personnel and staff.

Nursing excellence that pays attention to individuals humanely, is cost effective, helps the underprivileged, in addition to service specialization and has 26 specialist clinics, general poly, acupuncture poly, dental services, DOTS Clinic for the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis for the underprivileged, Rose VCT, Pastoral Care , Home Care and meditation.

In 2010, the ICU / ICCU Charitas Hospital Palembang has operated optimally with 11 bed services accompanied by the best, sophisticated equipment which is also supported by the availability of medical personnel and medical paramedics trained in their fields. With the operation of this new ICU, Charitas Hospital Palembang continues to move forward to face competition in providing comprehensive services to patients. With the best capabilities implemented, it is hoped that it can reduce the mortality rate that has occurred so far due to delays and a lack of infrastructure and facilities for patients in need.

In the midst of providing maximum service to patients, Charitas Hospital Palembang is very concerned about patient safety at the hospital, therefore in 2006 Charitas Hospital Palembang received the Best Award in "Patient Safety and Risk Management" from PERSI (Association of Indonesian Hospitals). ) which was followed by the awarding of the "Persi Award – IHMA 2009, Pateint Safety Project" in 2009.
As is the case in every mission area, the health business is a concern, so in the Southern Sumatra mission area, the health business is one of the efforts to help the community. In this regard, the leadership of the Pastor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who has served in the Southern Sumatra region since 1926, asked for assistance from the leadership of the Charitas Sisters Congregation in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, to assist in the mission environment in this area. The request received a good response so that in a short time they were ready to send their Sisters to the mission area in southern Sumatra. Right on July 9, five Sisters from the Roosendaal Charitas Congregation arrived in Palembang. They are: 1. Sister Raymunda Hermans, 2. Sister Willhelmina Blesgraaf, 3. Sister Caecilia Luyten, 4. Sr Alacoque van der Linden, 5. Sister Chatarina Koning. So, with the spirit of the ideals of the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Francis Charitas "namely in joy, simplicity and especially in love to help others, while praying and sacrificing themselves showing the joy of life among the sick and the needy" the five sisters began their work in Indonesia precisely in the mission area of ​​the city of Palembang, the address is Jalan Jenderal Sudirman next to St. Church. Yoseph (Brother of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) at this time.

General Sudirman / current brotherhood. This hospital was very simple to accommodate 14-16 sufferers. At that time most people did not understand about hospitalization in a hospital, so the number of beds that were only a few were often empty.

To expand their ministry they conduct home visits. So, every day two sisters go in and out of the alley around Palembang. Palembang region geographically is a city of water, lots of swamps so that at that time there were many passages that were still connected only by a single piece of bamboo. Despite this, the sisters continued to carry out their duties with zeal and zeal for the benefit of society and the church.

The work of the Charitas Sisters in Palembang is growing and there are ten more Sisters from the Congregation of Charitas in Roosendaal Netherlands, so it is felt that a new hospital is needed to be built. The leadership of the Charitas Sisters chose a piece of land that was located at a height at that time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and was quite strategic, this place was indeed a small mountain in the corner of Palembang city, which is the location of the current hospital. In 1937, the laying of the first stone began, then on January 18, 1938, the opening of the hospital was inaugurated by Mgr. Meckelhot SCJ with the name RK hospital. Charity. Meanwhile, the old building opposite the hospital was handed over to the Brothers from O.V.L. van Utrecht.

The hospital founded by the Charitas Sisters is the first hospital in Palembang, with 59 beds. Apart from that, visits and delivery services at home are still carried out by hospital nurses who ride bicycles.

During the Japanese occupation the hospital was taken and made into the headquarters of the Japanese army. The nuns and priests were interned/captured in various places. At the time of independence, the Charitas Hospital was returned to the Charitas Sisters Congregation and continued to be improved until it became the hospital it is today.