Rumah Sakit Umum Budi Rahayu Pekalongan

This roman catholic hospital has a history from the 19th century. It dates from the days of the congregation of Sisters of Notre Dame of Coesfield (1850). It is nowadays a category C hospital (registration code 3375022) with 144 beds.
The hospital is situated on Jalan Barito no. 5 at Pekalongan (Java Tengah). Coordinates: -6.88 and 109.67.
The website is From this website we copied a few statements on its history: (Google translated and abbreviated):

The SND Sisters Congregation was founded in Germany in 1850 by 2 young women, namely Hiligonga Walbring who later became Sr. M Aloysia with her best friend Elisabeth Khϋlling who became Sr. M Ignatia. They took the spirit from SND Namur which was founded by St. Yulia in 1804 then until now St. Yulia Bilyard is known as the spiritual Mother of the SND Sisters.

The SND Congregation continues to grow because of its simple, humble and obedient spirit and trust in Divine Providence.

First SND Sister in Indonesia

So on November 21, 1934 the first SND Sisters from the Netherlands came to Pekalongan at the request of the Bishop of Purwokerto. They have Sr. M ALfonsina, Sr. M Reginal, Sr. M Irma, Sr. M Godefrida, and Sr. M Adelberta. These sisters worked in a small polyclinic in Bendan to serve small people (now the Bendan health center) with Dr. in charge. Mulyadi. They live in a rented house.

In 1940 the Sisters bought land from several residents in the Kraton and built a Convent and Hospital with funds from the Netherlands and from the income of the Sisters themselves.