Rumah Sakit Umum HKBP Balige

This hospital used to be a mission hospital of the Protestant Rheinische Mission. Nowadays it is located on Jalan Gereja no. 17 at Lumban Dolok Haume Bange, Kec.Balige, Toba (Sumatera Utara). The coordinates are: 2.33 and 99.07.
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration code: 1205061) with 134 beds.
Its website is: From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated):
HKBP stands for: Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (Huria=district).

On the Podcast show hosted by Podcaster Cal. Diak. Marlince Lumbantobing, S.Ag, Director of HKBP Balige Hospital dr. Benni Sinaga explained that previously the HKBP Balige General Hospital had experienced a decline, so efforts were needed to restore public confidence through improvements here and there, especially service improvements by Nurses, Doctors and Staff of HKBP Balige Hospital employees. dr. Benni conveyed, currently RSU HKBP Balige continues to improve by completing hospital facilities and infrastructure such as Diagnostic Centers, Isolation Rooms, Surgical Rooms for eye surgery, Nicu and Picu, Hemodialysis which currently can accommodate 25 patients. So for now people no longer need to go out of town for medical checkups.
RSU HKBP Balige also has superior services, namely Endoscopy, eye surgery rooms and their equipment, cardiac intervention tools, so that lately public trust has increased significantly. dr. Benni conveyed that in terms of facilities and infrastructure, currently HKBP Balige General Hospital can be said to be on going towards the referral center hospital. "All that remains is that we are working to improve the status of HKBP Balige General Hospital from type C to type B which is an absolute requirement to become a referral center hospital," said dr. Benni is full of enthusiasm and optimism.
Board of Health Foundation Dr. Sanco Manullang explained that the HKBP Health Foundation Program turned HKBP Balige General Hospital into a central referral hospital in Tapanuli Raya. In addition, Sanco also explained about the new Health Foundation program to restore the glory of the Nainggolan HKBP Hospital in Samosir Regency.
"Revamping the HKBP Nainggolan General Hospital in Samosir Regency is one form of HKBP's support for the Lake Toba Government Super Priority Tourism Destination Program," said Sanco.
Sanco further explained the efforts that had been made by the program to restore the glory of HKBP Nainggolan General Hospital by holding a meeting to coordinate with the Regional Government of Samosir Regency to meet directly with the Regional Secretary of Samosir Regency to facilitate regulation of licensing and assistance with facilities and infrastructure for HKBP Nainggolan Hospital. "Currently what the Management of the Health Foundation is doing is gathering synergy first," he added

About the HKBP Foundation:
Batak Christian Protestant Church, also called Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP) in Indonesian,  is a church organization based in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. HKBP established as an independent church in 1930 and constituting the largest Lutheran church in Asia. It developed from the work of missionaries of the Rhenish Mission Society, established in Barmen, Germany, in 1828. Under the leadership of the German Lutheran missionary Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen, the missionaries began working among the Batak people in Sumatra in 1862. Resistance to Christianity lessened slowly, and by 1880 entire tribes and villages began converting to Christianity. Nommensen translated Luther’s Small Catechism, the New Testament (1878), and several other works into the Batak language and wrote hymns and a church order for the Batak church. By 1894 the entire Bible had been translated. Education was stressed, and many elementary schools were established in the villages.
A Batak mission society extended the mission work among the people.