Rumah Sakit Umum Lindimara

This hospital has been established since colonial times asa christian hospital on Soemba (Nusa Tenggara Timur). Nowadays the hospital is classified as a category D hospital (registration code 5302012) with 81 beds.

From its website we copied the following statements on its history:

Lindimara Christian Hospital has been established for 106 years on the island of Sumba, Lindimara Hospital carries out God's Mission through services in the health sector. In 1904 health services were initiated by the Dutch missionary Pdt. D.K Wielenga. Under the tree serving the people of Sumba who have not been touched by health services.

This service turned into a Medical Center in 1912, service activities include; preaching the Gospel, strengthening the weak, healing the sick through medical clinics and on its way until 1937 it developed into the Lindimara Christian Hospital.

Hospital services imitate Christ, through various political and security situations. God always accompanies Lindimara Christian Hospital through times of war and various difficulties. In 1949 a Foundation was formed to run a Christian hospital in Sumba. The GKS Synod as the owner of the Lindimara SSR, through a long struggle by the meeting of the Yumerkris Management, it was concluded to maintain the existence of the Lindimara SSR with various considerations including:

The presence of the Lindimara Christian Hospital since 1912 is the most valuable property with a history of service in Sumba, especially East Sumba.
That this Hospital is a tool to express the Love of Christ to others.
With the presence of this hospital, Yumerkris in particular and GKS in general will support the Government's programs in development in the health sector in accordance with the Outline of Government Policy in the National Health Service System.