Rumah sakit umum Panti Waluya Sawahan Malang

The predecessor of this hospital was called Missieziekenhuis Maria Magdalena Postel. On 26 february 1956 this name was abandoned and the new name was RSU Panti Waluya Sawahan Malang. This hospital has been classified as a category B hospital (registration code: 3573055) with 160 beds. The ehospital is situated in the address Jalan Nusakambangan no. 56, Kasin, Kec, Klojen, kota Malang (Jawa Timur). Together with covid beds the total of beds surpassed 200. And in the year 2021 Kemkes noted a total number of 771 staff, of whom 89 medical doctors (59 medical specialists) and 373 nurses. It is still a private hospital (Swasta/Lainnya). Its website is
From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):

A Brief History of the Development of the Malang Waluya Sawahan Orphanage Hospital (RKZ).

Waluya Sawahan Malang Hospital started as a small clinic which was the former home of Prof. Leber, which was taken over by the Congregation of the Sisters of Misericordia who came from the Netherlands. and blessed by Mgr. Van der Pas on December 1, 1929.

Since then, the clinic has changed its name to Rooms Katholiek Ziekenhuis "Santa Maria Magdalena Postel"

Year after year passed, the bitter and bitter feeling of carrying out the work for humanity was unceasingly received by the sisters. But thanks to the tireless enthusiasm of the Sisters who never gave up in saving the souls of their neighbors in accordance with the spirit of Saint Mary Magdalene Postel, in the end everything was successful.

On February 26, 1956 it was decided to change the name of the Santa Maria Magdalena Postel hospital to Panti Waluya Sawahan Hospital and the name of the foundation was also used Panti Waluya Foundation, based in Malang.

Developments are carried out continuously and non-stop by the Waluya Sawahan Malang Panti Hospital to meet the community's need for proper health services

Improving the quality of services, modernizing health equipment to the professionalism of medical and paramedical personnel has always been the main reference in the development of this Hospital which is supported by more than 500 professional health service workers.