Leprosy Institutions (Actual)

In 1940, a number of 54 leprosy institutions could be found in the entire archipelago. Two of these institutions were run by the government (369 beds), 28 were managed by native states (1,050 beds) and 24 by private organizations (3,032 beds).

Nowadays, only a few institutions are kept alive, although Indonesia sees the third highest number of new leprosy cases each year, after India and Brazil. There are more than 15,000 new cases a year- little changed from ten years ago – and leprosy continues to be one of the major causes of preventable disability.

RS Kusta Lao SimomoLau Si MomoSumatera UtaraBelum DitetapkanPemprop01211033
RS Kusta Alverno SingkawangSingkawangKalimantan BaratCOrganisasi Sosial446172070
RS Kusta dan Cacat Umum Bunda Pembantu AbadiNusa Tenggara TimurCOrganisasi Sosial505305024
RS Kusta KediriKediriJawa Timur723571053
RS Kusta SitamalaTangerangBantenAKemkes9273671032
RS Kusta Sumatera SelatanPalembangSumatera Selatan1521671072
RS Kusta Tadjudin ChalidMakassarSulawesi Selatan1207371314