Rumah Sakit Lepra Pelantungan

Hasan Wachid, 3150408010 (2012) The influence of the existence of the Lepra Hospital Plantungan Kendal on the social-economic life of the community (Pengaruh Keberadaan Rumah Sakit Lepra Plantungan Kendal terhadap Kehidupan Sosial Ekonomi Masyarakatnya)(1958-1964). Under Graduates thesis, State Un iversity of Semarang (Universitas Negeri Semarang).

The Leprosy Hospital is a heritage hospital from the Dutch East Indies located in Plantungan Kendal, the existence of this hospital has a great influence on the socio-economic life of its people. The objectives of the thesis research are (1) to find out the background of the construction of the Leprosy Hospital in Plantungan Kendal, (2). To find out the life of the Leprosy Hospital after the nationalization of Dutch companies in Indonesia in 1958, (3). To determine the effect of the existence of a leprosy hospital on the socio-economic conditions of the people of Plantungan Hamlet, Tirtomulyo Village, Plantungan District, 1958-1964. The benefits that can be obtained in this research are: to increase the reader's knowledge about the history of the Plantungan Youth Prison, especially during the conversion of the Lepra Hospital in 1958-1964, to increase knowledge about the Lepra Hospital and its influence on socio-economic changes in the people of Plantungan Hamlet, Tirtomulyo Village. This study used primary and secondary sources, which were obtained from direct testimony from the perpetrators, witnesses who were directly involved in the historical event, documents, and field observations. The spatial scope in this study is the Plantungan hamlet of Tirtomulyo Village, while the temporal scope of the author takes 1958-1964 because that year was the beginning of the implementation of the nationalization policy of Dutch companies in Indonesia which affected the Plantungan Lepra Hospital which also had an impact on the socio-economic life of the community.
The influence of these changes is positive, which of course will build society, but there are also negative influences. The positive effects of the nationalization of hospitals are: providing new jobs for the community which in turn can reduce the number of unemployed, increase people's income which of course will also increase people's welfare, understand and understand knowledge about leprosy for social life, make Plantungan a bustling area and is usually visited by the surrounding community, and gives birth to strong souls even though they are hindered by limitations in living all their lives. In addition to these influences, there were also other social influences, namely: The necessity to move residence to Semarang to become permanent employees along with the move from the Plantungan Leprosy Hospital to the Tugurejo Leprosy Hospital Semarang in 1964. It can be concluded that after the nationalization policy of Dutch companies by the government, the socio-economic life of the people of Plantungan Hamlet, Tirtomulyo Village, experienced a rapid increase with the recruitment of employees, considering that the Indonesian economy, which was closely related to agriculture and plantations during the war of independence, was generally devastated by the war. The existence of the Lepra Hospital has actually increased the income of the people who previously relied only on agriculture.

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