Rumah Sakit Khusus Mata Mencirim Tujuh-tujuh

This hospital is a specialist hospital for treating eye patients. It is a private hospital at Medan and is classified as a category C hospital (registration no. 1275914) with 20 beds.
The hospital has a staff of 39 persons, among whom 7 medical doctors (5 ophthalmologists), 10 nurses, 3 midwives, 4 optometrists and 15 administratie and housekeeping staff.
The hospital is situated on Jalan Sei Mencirim no.77 at Medan City.
Coordinates:Latitude: 3,58 and Longitude: 98,65.

The website of the hospital is

This website mentions the following mission (Google translated):

The Seven-Seven Eye Send Hospital is a health institution that is oriented towards special eye health services. The Seven-Seven Sending Eye Hospital is a development of the Seven-Seven Sending Eye Clinic, which in operation is still limited. So that along with the progress of development in various aspects, as well as the demands for eye health needs that are getting higher in the midst of society. So for that management takes a policy to make changes, both physical and human resources, and especially in the service system.


With the demands and needs of the best eye health service centers in this modern era. We took the initiative to become one of the best eye health centers in the city of Medan, by making breakthrough changes in the institution from an Eye Clinic to a Type C Hospital accompanied by various changes according to the needs of the community.


In the aspect of eye medical equipment, Rumah Sakiut Mata Mencirim Tujuh-Tujuh always follows the latest technological advances, so that it always keeps up-to-date on device updates. Of course, updating of tools must be followed by the ability of Human Resources, and we always send doctors and nurses to study at eye health institutions both at home and abroad. Likewise with the support service system, we always make improvements by implementing the Hospital Information System (SIRS).