Rumah Sakit Khusus Mata Regina Eye Center


This private hospital is part of a company ((Perusahaan) and is established at Padang in the Western Province of Sumatera.
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration number: 1371459) and has a bed capacity of 24 beds.
The hospital staff has 61 members, among whom 15 medical doctors, among whom 10 ophthalmologists, 27 nurses and 4 pharmacy employees.
The hospital is situated on Jalan H. Agus Salim no. 11 A at Kota Padang.
Coordinates: Latitude: -0,95 and Longitude: 100,36.

The website of the hospital is :

This website describes the mission of the organization as follows (Google translated):

Regina Eye Hospital (RS) is located at Jln. H. Agus Salim No 11 A Padang, was founded on April 28, 2008 under the ownership of PT. Regina Cahaya Insani with Notary Deed No: 02 dated November 2, 2007. At the time it was founded, the operation was in the form of the Regina Eye Center Eye Clinic which was handled by an ophthalmologist who was experienced in his field. The Eye Clinic Permit is issued by the Padang City Health Office with a permit number: 163 / Permit-Yankes / DKK / III / 2008. In order to improve service quality so as to achieve customer satisfaction, the Regina Eye Center eye clinic has made efforts to improve internal business processes so that the status of the eye clinic can be upgraded to the Regina Eye Special Hospital in accordance with the decree of the Head of the Padang City Health Office with No: 1063 / SDM-Regdit / XI / DKK / 2010 on 29 November 2010. Background of the Establishment of the Regina Eye Hospital The growth in the development of the City of Padang and its surroundings as well as an increase in the population requiring health services, especially in the field of eye health The high level of public awareness of eye health and the need for a perfect medical service Government policy, in this case the Health Service and Local Government, which encourages the role of the private sector in public health services Considering the high cost of equipment and the scope for handling eye health, it is necessary to collaborate with several ophthalmologists. The vision of Regina Eye Hospital To become a mainstay eye hospital that is able to provide the best eye health services for all levels of society Regina Eye Hospital mission – Organizing quality eye health services, by providing comfort and satisfaction for all – Organizing activities that care about society and be a good partner for all levels of society – Providing ophthalmologists who are experienced and have different expertise in their fields, so that as far as possible the patient does not need to be referred outside – Provides modern eye equipment – Fostering cooperative relationships with various institutions and institutions