Rumah Sakit Mata SMEC Jakarta

This eye hospital is part of the SMEC company which exploits many eye clinics in Indonesia.

This hospital is classified as a category C hospital (reg.code 3172767)and has a clinical capacity of 6 beds.

The hospital is situated in the eastern part of Jakarta on Jalan Permuda no.36. Coordinates: Latitude: -6,19 ; Longitude: 106,88.
The hospital is a private hospital, member of a groep of companies. Its personnel consist of 115 men and women, among whom 11 medical doctors, 39 nurses and 7 pharmacy staff.

The website is:

The website gives the following company statement: Google translated and abbreviated:

Sabang Merauke Eye Center (SMEC) Eye Hospital is a quality health service center that focuses on eye health services for all Indonesian families. Established since 2006, SMEC Eye Hospital is supported by the best doctors and health professionals who are competent in their fields. The SMEC Eye Hospital medical team consists of more than 100 ophthalmologists with their respective specialties, as well as more than 1000 nurses and other support staff who have served various patients each year.

The SMEC Eye Hospital has earned a good reputation and trust from the Indonesian people in providing quality health services. Our strategy which is based on the principle of economies of scale has succeeded in creating a Hi-Tech Low-Cost concept that allows each of our hospital units and clinics to operate with a scale of cutting-edge eye health care equipment technology at a more affordable cost.

The principle of service that prioritizes customer experience is very important to us, so that all Indonesian families can experience its quality. Therefore, the vision and mission of the SMEC Eye Hospital can be an encouragement for us to contribute to increasing the level of eye health throughout the archipelago, from Sabang to Merauke.