RS Jiwa Atma Husada Mahakam

This psychiatric hospital is part of the health establishments of Kalimantan Timur. The hospital is situated on the Jalan Kakap no. 23 at Kota Samarinda. The hospitals is classified as a category A hospital ( 6472063) with 172 beds. It was preceded by the so-called psychiatric nursing home of Samarinda. Its geological location is: Latitude: -0,51 and Longitude: 117,16.

The history of the hospital can be found on its website :

Translated and abbreviated it reads:

The Central Mental Hospital (RSJP) Samarinda was founded in 1933 on a land area of ​​20,157 m2 which was financed by the 
Kutai Sultanate and is a Mental Hospital Nursing Hospital.
Initially RSPJ was established together with the General Hospital appointed by the chairman of Bestwer College Samarinda.
April 20, 1949 No. 558 / IH-9-Fed, the issue of financing the Samarinda General Hospital and Mental Hospital was handed over by the Sultanate of Kutai and the Kingdom in East Kalimantan.
On January 1, 1951, financing was taken over by the central government. Based on the decree of November 1951, the Mental Hospital office was separated from the General Hospital. The organizational structure is based on the Decree of the Minister of Health No135 / Menkes / SK / IV / 1978, the Mental Hospital is designated as a class B Mental Hospital
In line with the implementation of UPTD regional autonomy, the Samarinda Central Mental Hospital was delegated to the Regional government according to the Minister of Health's letter No. 1732 / Menkes-Kesos / XII / 2000 concerning the transfer of the UPTD to the Regency / City Government and the Ministry of Health's revision letter no. 196 / Menkes-sos / III / 2001,
dated 7 March 2001 regarding the revision of the UPTD designation to the provincial government, the operation of the
Samarinda Mental Hospital in 2001 under the Samarinda city government In 2005, to eliminate stigma in society, Samarinda
Mental Hospital changed its name to Atma Husada Mahakam Hospital with Governor Decree no. 03 of 2005, 17 January 2005.
The Atma Husada Mahakam Regional Mental Hospital aims to provide mental health services for all East Kalimantan people spread across 4 municipalities and 10 districts. Atma Husada Mahakam Regional Mental Hospital collaborates with related agencies
such as the Mulawarman University Medical Faculty and other educational institutions as a facility for prevention, promotion, curative and rehabilitation as well as research in the mental health sector. Atma Husada Mahakam Regional Mental Hospital
carries out intra-mural and extra mural mental health services as well as providing guidance and integration to puskesmas and general hospitals in East Kalimantan Province by sending psychiatrists to puskesmas and general hospitals on a regular basis.