RS Jiwa Bandar Lampung

This psychiatric hospital was one of the health establishments of the province of Lampung. It is classified as a category B hospital ( 1871176) and has a capacity of 122 beds. The recent history of this hospital was copied and translated from its website:

The Lampung Province Mental Hospital was first established under the name Bandar Lampung Central Mental Hospital, which is
based on the Letter of Appointment of the Director General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of
Indonesia Number 1565 / Yankes / DKJ / 1983, dated 01 March 1990 the Bandar Lampung Central Mental Hospital began functioningIn 2001 the Bandar Lampung Central Mental Hospital was handed over by the Central Government to the Regional Government basedon the Letter of the State Minister for State Apparatus Empowerment Number 79 / D.II / Pan / 10/2000 dated 02 October 2000.
In 2001 also the Bandar Lampung Central Mental Hospital Appointed as the Technical Service Implementation Unit (UPTD) at the Lampung Provincial Health Office based on a SK. The Governor of Lampung Number 03 Year 2001 with the name UPTD Health Service, Rumah Sakit Miwa, Lampung Province. In 2008 the UPTD of the Health Service of the Mental Hospital of the Province of Lampung was designated as a Regional
Technical Institution (LTD) based on Government Regulation Number 41 of 2007 concerning Regional Apparatus Organization
and translated into Regional Regulation of the Province of Lampung Number 10 of 2007 dated 12 December 2007 concerning
the Formation of Legislation Invitation, the Lampung Province Mental Hospital was re-affirmed by the Lampung Provincial
Regulation number 12 of 2009 concerning the Organization and Work Procedure of the Inspectorate, the Regional Development
Planning Agency and the Regional Technical Institution of Lampung Province. On April 5, 2013 the Lampung Province Mental Hospital implemented PPK-BLUD based on the Governor of Lampung Decree Number:
G / 358 / B.V / HK / 2013 concerning the Designation of the Hospital. The Regional Soul of Lampung Province as the Regional
Government Agency of Lampung Province which Determines the Financial Management Pattern of Regional Public Service Bodies.