RS Jiwa Daerah Dr.A. Gondohutomo

This psychiatric hospital is part of the provincial health establishments of the province of Jawa Tengah.
The hospital is situated on Jalan BrigjenSudiarto no. 347 at Semarang (Coordinates: Latitude:-7,01 and Longitude: 110,46.
The hospital is classified as a category A hospital ( 3374123) and has 363 beds.
The hospital employs 317 persons, of whom 25 medical doctors, 4 psychologists, 206 nurses, 9 midwives, 23 pharmacy assistants and 50 other functions.

The website of the hospital is:

Hospital Profile Regional Mental Hospital Dr. Amino Gondohutomo is a regional mental hospital located in Pedurungan, Semarang City.
This hospital was founded in 1848. At that time it was a so-called ‘Stadsverband’ (City Dressing station). In the 1920s a so-called ‘Doorgangshuis’ (Passage Home)
was established in Tawang (Semarang). In 1936 it was reported to house 294 patients.
On February 9, 2001 the hospital changed its name to Dr. Central Mental Hospital. Amino Gondohutomo Semarang.
Dr. Amino Gondohutomo is the name of the first psychiatrist in Indonesia.