RS Jiwa Daerah Surakarta

This psychiatric hospital is one of the health establishments of the province of Jawa Tengah.
The hospital is classified as a category A hospital (reg. no. 3372052) with 297 beds.
The hospital has 570 employees, of whom 30 medical doctors (7 psychiatrists), 8 psychologists, 265 nurses, 26 pharmacy assistants, 93 Therapeutic and
technical assistants and 148 administrative, management and management supporting functions.
The hospital is situated on Jalan K.H. Dewantoro 80 at Jebres, Surakarta (coordinates: Latitude: -7,56 and Longitude: 110,86).
The website of the hospital is

From this website we copied some pages of the history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

Before being integrated into the guidance of the Regional Government of Central Java Province as it is today, the original location of the Surakarta Regional Mental Hospital was in the heart of Solo, which is located (old location) at Jl. Bhayangkara No. 50 Surakarta. Initially this hospital was founded in 1918 and inaugurated in use on July 17, 1919 with the name D o r g a n g h u i s v o r krankzinnigen and is also known as MANGUNJAYAN Mental Hospital which occupies an area of ​​+ 0.69 ha with a capacity of 216 beds (TT). On the basis of a joint agreement in 1986 in the form of a Ruislag with the Regional Government of Dati II of the Surakarta Municipality, the Surakarta Central Mental Hospital office would be used as the office of the Surakarta Kodia KONI, so in the process of further physical development on 3 February 1986 the Surakarta Mental Hospital occupied a location just on the bank of the Bengawan Solo river, to be precise Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantoro No. 80 Surakarta with an area of ​​more than 10 ha with a building area of ​​10,067 m2.

At this time land use reaches 45%, and the available capacity is 297 beds (TT) with the working area covering the Ex Karisidenan Surakarta, other areas in Central Java Province, western part of East Java and parts of DIY. Based on Law no. 22 of 1999 concerning Regional Autonomy, the Surakarta Central Mental Hospital was changed to the Surakarta Regional Mental Hospital under the Regional Government of Central Java Province. Surakarta Central Mental Hospital was handed over from the Central Government to the Regional Government in 2001 based on the Decree of the Minister of Health No. 1079 / Menkes / SK / X / 2001 dated 16 October 2001. The determination of the Central Mental Hospital to be the Surakarta Regional Mental Hospital based on the Decree of the Governor of Central Java No. 440/09/2002 in February 2002. Since 2009 the Surakarta Regional Mental Hospital has become the Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) of Central Java Province. The Surakarta RSJD area is a special class A hospital.

At the beginning, the Mental Hospital was led by Dr. Engelhard then followed by Dr. Semeru, Dr. Wignyobroto, Dr. R.M. Soejarwadi. RS. Jiwa Daerah Surakarta experienced a change of director, as follows: 1 Anna Janti: 1966 – 1980 2 Years Old: 1980 – 1984 3 G. Pandu Setiawan, Sp.Kj: 1984 – 1996 4 H. Lukman Mustar, Sp.KJ. : 1996 – 2001 5 Sugiharto, M.Kes (MMR): 2002 – 2003 6 Arif Zainudin, Sp.KJ. : 2004 – 2005 7 Siti Nuraini Arief, Sp.KJ. : 2006 – 2008 8 Muhammad Sigit WP, Sp.KJ. : 2008 – 2009 9 Suprihhartini, Sp.KJ. : 2009 – 2010 10 Endro Suprayitno, Sp.KJ, M.Si: 2010 – 2014 11 drg. R. Basoeki Soetardjo, MMR: 2015 – 2018 12 Acting Director, dr. Agustini Christiawati, MM: 2018 – 2019 13 Endro Suprayitno, Sp.KJ, M.Si: 2019 – present