RS Jiwa Dr. Soeharto Heerjan





This psychiatric hospital is situated in the district of Jakarta and is owned by the Ministery of Health (Kemkes). The hospital is classified as a category A hospital ( 3174041) and has got a bed capacity of 253 psychiatric beds. The address is: Jalan Prof.dr.Latumeten no. 1, Jakarta. The geographical coordinates are:
Latitude: -6,16 and Longitude: 106,79.

The website of the hospital is:

In former times a so-called “Doorgangshuis psychiatry” (Passage home psychiatry) was established in the suburb Grogol. This doorgangshuis served to contain the pressure and waiting list of psychiatric hospitals such as the Krankzinnigengesticht Buitenzorg (now: Rumah sakit Jiwa Dr. H. Marzoeki Mahdi). In 1923 this doorgangshuis was founded. The first medical director was DR. W.F. Theunissen. In 1936 it was reported to have 367 beds.
In 1973 the establishment was renamed into Rumah Sakit Jiwa Jakarta and in 1993 into RS Jiwa Pusat Jakarta. The present name dates from 2002.