RS Jiwa Ernaldi Bahar

This psychiatric hospital is one of the health establishments of the province of Sumatera Selatan.
The hospital is classified as a category A hospital ( 1671061) and has a bed capacity of 200 psychiatric beds.
The hospital is situated on Jalan H.R. Soebrantas Paman no. KM 12,5. at Palembang (Coordinates: Latitude: -2,92 and Longitude: 104,68).
The hospital has 371 employees, of whom 38 medical doctors (7 psychiatrists), 8 psychologists, 117 nurses, 9 midwives, 22 pharmacy assistants, 84 therapeutic and technical personnel and 93 administrative, housekeeping and management functions.

The website of this hospital can be consulted through : www.

From this website we copied a few pages about the recent history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

History and Legal Basis Ernaldi Bahar Hospital was originally named Mental Hospital which was founded in 1920 as stated in the letter dated May 21, 1922 No. 21 from Burgelijke Geneeskunding Dienst, then Besluit No. 41 dated 25 February 1922 regarding the personnel on duty at that place. In 1923 the first “Verpleechtehuiz” (nursing homes) was built in Indonesia, namely in Ujung Pandang and Palembang; for Palembang is located at Jln. Wirangga Wiro Sentiko which is now occupied by the Sriwijaya Regional Military Command II. In 1942 it was moved to Baturaja and then moved again to the Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU) cage led by R.R. Setiardjo. The Palembang Mental Hospital was built in 1954-1955 under the name Suka Bangun Hospital. Due to the security situation at that time, part of the building was occupied by the Army Base Battalion. After the situation was safe in 1957, a mental health service unit was pioneered in the form of: Mental and Neurological Diseases Polyclinic led by Dr. Chasanah Goepito, and officially opened on July 13, 1958. Based on the letter of the Head of the Mental Hospital Confinement of Life dated January 4, 1957 No. 10/20 / A / Rpsd and date 3 July 1958 No 365/20 / B / Rpsd / V / 58 and 24 July 1958 No 258 / Peg / V / 58 employees of the Mental Hospital Likes to Wake up and the confinement of life transferred to the Hospital Jiwa Suka Bangun based on the Decree of the Minister of Health No.4287 / PAL / 1958 accompanied by the mutation of 21 staff of the prison for life.

On August 18, 1958, the Head of the Department of Mental Diseases of the Ministry of KES RI was inaugurated to become the Suka Bangun Mental Hospital,
led by Dr. Chasanah Goepito. Furthermore, according to its development the Mental Hospital / Ernaldi Bahar which is the Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of South Sumatra Province was formed based on Regional Regulation No. 9 of 2001 as amended by Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 3 of 2006.
Based on the Regulation of the Governor of South Sumatra Number: 841 / KPTS / BPKAD / 2013 concerning the Establishment of Ernaldi Bahar Hospital as a
Regional Work Unit (SKPD) which implements the Financial Management Pattern of Regional Public Service Bodies (PPK-BLUD) gradually.
So since January 2, 2014 RS. Ernaldi Bahar implemented PPK BLUD Gradually.
Leaders who have served at Ernaldi Bahar Hospital, South Sumatra Province are as follows:
Dr. R Setiardjo, Head of RSPD Confinement of Life
Dr. Chasanah Goepito, SpKJ 1958-1978
Dr. Achmad Hardiman, SpKJ, MARS 1978 – 1985
Dr. Jusmansyah Idris, SpKJ, MM in 1985 – 1992
Dr. F Soenarto Boediadi, SpKJ, MM 1992 – 2003
Dr. Nurlaila Atika, MM 2003 – 2005
Dr. H Syahrul Muhamad, MARS 2005 – 2005
Dr. H. Chairil Zaman, MSc in 2005 – 2009
Dr. Latifah, SpKJ, M.Kes in 2009 – 2012
Dr. Hj. Yumidiansi F, M.Kes 2012 – present