RS Jiwa Menur

This psychiatric hospital is part of the health establishments of the province of Jawa Timur. The hospital is situated on the Jalan Raya Menur no. 120 at Surabaya.
The hospital is classified as a category A hospital (reg.code 3578192) and has got a capacity of 245 beds.
Its geological coordinates are – 7,29 (Latitude) and 112,76 (Longitude).
In former days Surabaya had a so-called Doorgangshuis (Psychiatric Passage Home).

The website of the Menur Mental Hospital is:

The website tells the recent history of the hospital as follows: (translated and abbreviated):

Initially, in 1923 the Menur Mental Hospital in Surabaya was a "Doorgangshuis" or temporary shelter for people with 
mental disorders with a capacity of 100 beds. Until 1977 the address was Jl. Karang Tembok and it was called:
"Pegirian Mental Hospital". In 1954 the Ministry of Health purchased 96,840 m2 of land in Menur (formerly Gubeng). 96,840 m2 land then 40,436 m2
allocated for RSJ Menur while the remaining 56,406 for the Academy of Health Inspectors (now Poltekkes). In regional meetings there was an agreement to appoint dr. Moelyono as the organizer of the construction of the
Menur Mental Hospital in Surabaya. January 1972 was born the Charter of Cooperation between Supervisors, the Head of the East Java Provincial Health Office
(Dr. Bahrawi Wongsokoesoemo), the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University (Prof. Asmino), and the Head of
the Directorate of Mental Health (Prof. Kusumanto Setyonegoro). The contents of the Cooperation Charter are as follows: The agreement to complete the construction of the Menur Mental Hospital in Surabaya and equip it. Providing the best possible service in the field of mental health to the people of East Java. All parties mentioned above will support in any form for the completion of the construction of the Menur Mental Hospital
in Surabaya
On March 24, 1977 Menur Mental Hospital was inaugurated by the Governor of KDH TK I East Java (Mr. Soenandar Prijosoedarmo) 
with the name of the Community Mental Health Center / Menur Mental Hospital with the status of the Technical Implementing
Unit of the Provincial Health Service for the Province of East Java and led by dr. R. Moeljono Notosoedirdjo, Sp.S., Sp.KJ., MPH. Furthermore, a total of 90 patients and 50 employees were transferred from the Pegirian Mental Hospital on the grounds that
the building was not suitable for use ("bouwvallig") to Jl. Menur No. 120 Surabaya. Since 1977/1978 the Menur Mental Hospital was built in stages through the Development Budget of the Ministry of Health and
East Java Province with a capacity of 100 beds. Based on the provisions of Article 72 Paragraph 2 Kepmenkes RI. No. 135 / Menkes / SK / IV / 1978 followed up by the East
Java Provincial Regulation No 11/85 / Jo Governor Decree No. 93 of 1985 dated 14 September 1985 concerning the Organization
and Work Procedure of the Regional Mental Hospital, the Community Mental Health Center / Menur Mental Hospital in Surabaya
designated as: Class A Regional Mental Hospital. Based on the Provincial Regulation of East Java No. 23 of 2002 concerning the Organizational Structure and Work Procedure
of Provincial Hospitals, the Menur Regional Mental Hospital in Surabaya changed to: Menur Mental Hospital located in
Surabaya with the status of a Supporting Element of the East Java Provincial Government and in IIA with available beds of
240 out of a capacity of 300 places sleep. Based on the Provincial Regulation. East Java No. 11 of 2008 Jo Pergub No. 113 of 2008 RSJ Menur was designated as:
Public Service Agency, Special Class A Hospital and Bereselon II-B, and since December 30, 2008, Menur Mental Hospital
has been transformed into a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) with the legal basis of Governor Decree no. 188/442
/ kpts / 013/2008 dated December 30, 2008 concerning: Menur Mental Hospital, East Java Province as a Regional Public
Service Agency. In 2004, Menur Mental Hospital was fully accredited 12 Advanced Service Level by the Ministry of Health, and in early
2008 had been audited and passed ISO 90001: 2000 certification by PT. SGS Indonesia for all types of services.
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